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Happy Monday Pookas!!!! I’m over at SFC today taking it down to the bare bones. Stop by and play!

Accountability Update: Saturday I managed about 8 or 9 pages on SCREWED but I got TONS of plotting done which is mega-good. Page count isn’t as big a concern as I’d thought (but my fingers are still crossed. Makes typing kinda hard but we’ll figure something out). I am reminded once again why I said I’d never write suspense. *sigh* My goal this week is 19 pages. I’d like to cross that 100 page line.

Otherwise, I had a lovely afternoon out with Lyn and Dennie (we had to case out places for our May conference–stay tuned because Margie Lawson is coming to down! SWEET!)

Other than writing and plotting and cleaning out the DVR, I cleaned my room *falls down*, cleaned out the fridge, did most of the laundry and cleaned up the laundry area (and chewed the kids out about cleaning up after themselves and doing chores. Old rules are back into effect so look out!).

Also finished Patricia Briggs’ Moon Called–really enjoyed it and will definitely be picking up the next book (yes I KNOW I’m behind–don’t remind me).

And…….last but not least, *sob* my Kevin went on his first date. Okay okay so they’re JUST FRIENDS, but still… and she’s so CUTE!!!!!!!! *sigh* damn…..

So, what’s new in your world?


10 thoughts on “Firsts….

  1. Good going, Amy! I have been working on plotting out my suspense/serial killer too. I’ve got at least the next 3 chapters in my head. I know what’s going to happen throughout the book and will continue plotting 2-3 chapters ahead as I write. It seems to be the only way to do this one which is very tricky, but so fun and challenging.

    Congrats on your word count! Look at you go!

  2. Wow, good work on the writing! And good luck getting up to page 100. I’m impressed at how much you can get done in a week.

  3. Marissa at least you found a way to make it work!! hehe…good luck and happy plotting.

    Jordan you’ve been a busy bee! I’ve been lurking but I see that 🙂

    Amanda way to go!

    Shelli yeah it’s real cute *sob*

  4. Lynn…I know, RIGHT!

    Hey Caryn thanks for stopping by! It’s been a killer week with no pages to report–okay one. At least when I get back to it, I’m smack dab in the middle of a scene and I know what’s going to happen!

    Raine JEEZ!!!! You really need to move down south sugar. I mean like REALLY!