Fess Up

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Did anyone watch Prison Break? and Vanished? Anyone? Anyone? Writers Please WTF were you thinking?!!?!?  Step away from the crack pipe already!

Kellerman has realized how useless he’s become.  I think he’s going to save Sara and then they’ll both end up on the run for their lives–just a thought.  But I get the feeling his new boss doens’t give two shits about him.

And Sucre, my love, what were you THINKING?? If it wasn’t for Michael, you little shit, you’d still be sitting in prison wiht your dick in your hand while Maricruz married that sleezebag cousin of yours.  Gaaaaaaaaaaa.  You SO got played!  Hello, that gag’s there for a reason–use IT! 

Tweener WTG on playing Mahone! You so made me laugh… But but but….*sob* I’ll miss you.  *sniff*  Mahone you sicko.  What is up with you–being played by the pres too?
Linc…sug do the words SET UP mean anything to you?

Vanished–WTF was that shit? You (probably) kill off Kelton (yes I know because he was going to the NTSB) and then leave us hanging for three weeks?! And isn’t it convenient that the new lead investgator is reporter Judy Nash’s ex-sometimes-lover (after she so conveniently dumped her camera man/lover a few episodes back) *sigh*

And then you leave us hanging for three weeks–yeah I said that but you are on BOTH SHOWS! Hate you tv gods and hate you baseball!

8 thoughts on “Fess Up

  1. DORK ALERT: Taped heros….then USA reran the premier at like 10:05 (after wrestling so the kids caught it) and I got up and set the DVR to record it too :kiss:

  2. I *so* watched PB. Ugh!!! Not Tweener! :uzi: Poor little guy, at least he did the right thing, lol. I did think he might have swiped the cfed’s pen though, there at the end. Now THAT would have been a plot twist! I love watching Michael (my TV boyfriend) crack under the pressure.

  3. I’m still scratching my head over Sucre, and mourning Tweener. Poor kid! But he was stupid! Linc’s not being too brainy, either, not only going to get LJ, but in a stolen car. Sheesh.

  4. Mary and Marty someone suggested on TWOP that maybe Sucre and Michael were in cahoots …then someone suggested C-note and Sucre were in cahoots. Then folks started cussing baseball :bleep: ‘ers

    Mary you’re right –Linc’s not being brainy–he’s being a dad even if he was’t much of one before. he’s all LJ’s got now evne if it is a trap. OTOH he could have waited five minutes 😡

    Marty I laughed so hard when Tweener ended up on his GF’s doorstep. A huge “Fuck you Mahone!”

  5. I know! I loved that cop! How could they? Sheesh! Have you watched Justice yet? Friggin’ awesome! I’m so hooked. I hate missing that show.

  6. That is such an animated blog entry, I really wish I watched one or all of this shows! You make me very curious. But, alas, I have gone without t.v. for the last 6+ years, so I am totally clueless. Can I quote you, should anyone ask my opinion, Amie? 🙂