End of Week TV Recap

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Effing Prison Break ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!  The Unit was pretty good.  I”m still not sold on Blood Ties though.  It better get better fast!  And Battlestar Gallactica is almost over.

Am I the only one watching DIRT and OMG–The Riches?  I love Dirt and I wasn’t that keen on it after Nip Tuck went off but I had to have something to watch–yes no really okay.  So for the most part it’s really good.  The Riches–an effing RIOT!  Not comedy riot but just twisted, guilty pleasure riot.  I love this show.  And WTF happened to the Closer? They show one new episode and it’s all repeats? WTH?

No spoilers please–I’ve got tons of shows I haven’t had a chance to watch yet.  I did watch Basketball last night and A  & M lost *Sob* *sob*

One of the best Supernatural shows os far–the kid was in tears and I was pretty upset myself.  How sad.
And the AI show to see who got kicked off–I have to tell ya’ll this because I already posted about it over on Scooper’s blog.  We’re watching AI and Lulu is singing and #2 (the 11 yo) says, “Lulu’s kind of hot for an old woman.”
WTF (esp as I was sitting there thinking this song sucks but she looks pretty good for her age.)
“Don’t laugh mom.”

“I wasn’t until you looked at me.”

6 thoughts on “End of Week TV Recap

  1. Oh boy, I haven’t watched Supernatural yet. I have it taped. I guess I better break out the tissue box. 🙁 I hear you on the closer. Not sure what they’re doing with the season/lack thereof. I do know that the show is coming back on in July, I think. I’m really hoping that the next Blood Ties is better and that the chemistry is back or I’m going to be bummed. I want my sexy vampire back.

  2. Meant to add I’m also watching Blade Runner–for research. Interesting tidbit–it was made in 82 and it’s set in 2019–which is only twelve years away! :zipit:

    JOrdan for Supernatural you will definitely need some tissues. Sam, tears, sa’ll I’m saying. Blood Ties–I think I missed an episode but the first one didn’t really draw me in.

    The Closer…irritated :crazy:

  3. TNT had the Closer as a summer series for its first two seasons. I don’t know, but I think they are trying to migrate it into the fall, but who knows. We could ask Candy. She might know… But it was typically starting in June, right after Memorial Day, and ran through August with a new episode each week. I think it has something to do with her desire not to be away from her hubby and kids too long. She works, he plays Mr. Mom. He works, she’s at home kind of thing.

    Anyway, I really miss it, too!!! Standoff comes back this next week on Fox. I really like that show. Let’s see – 1 month from today HEROES comes back!!! :fly:

  4. I’ve given up on Prison Break. Supernatural WAS awesome. I can’t believe Sanjaya is still on AI! I’m not sold on Blood Ties, either, but it’s still a Season Pass.

  5. love Blade Runner – one of my all time favorites. I’ve asked for Supernatural first season on DVD from the kiddies for mom’s day (if it’s out on DVD) since I don’t watch TV. At all. Ever. I’m one of the lost souls. Never getting the pop culture jokes during conversations. Sigh. Bad me.
    Anyhoo – I’m back and popping by to WAVE!!!! smooches babe! R:heythere: