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Thanks Emma!

Four jobs I’ve had in my life:
1. Hairdresser
2. waitress in a bar
3. parts girl in a brake supply shop
4. hardware help desk technician

Four movies I’ve watched more than once:
1. Men in Black
2. Enemy of the State
3. Independence Day (seeing a pattern here?)
4. Dogma (one of the best movies EVAH)

Four favorite places I’ve lived:
1. Favorite???
2. WTF??
3. I don’t think so.
4. I’m skipping this one

Four favorite places I’ve travelled:
1. Colorado
2. Galveston
3. upstate NY/Pa
4. I don’t get out much

Four places I most want to see before I die:
1. Greece
2. Italy
3. Spain
4. China

Four of my favorite foods:
1. Ice Cream
2. Snickers
3. Homemade tortillas
4. Italian Food
No Name Proposal


6 thoughts on “Emma Tagged Me

  1. Hi Amie,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m so excited about finally get it all done. Now I get to wait a bit then it’s edit/polish. sigh I know this is gonna be the hard part.
    What’s with the ‘No name’? you got something brewing in that head of yours?

  2. Sasha i think it’s BRILLIANT!

    Rachel of course! Brewing definitely! But no title or anything yet.

    Why have you only seen part of Dogma? Yes I do. He’s yummy!