Emma Hurt Me

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Damn I read her blog and I’ve got akiller headache thinking about all she’s done and all she’s got planned for 2008

So here are some tentative goals for 2008 (and isn’t it WAY too early in the year for talk like this?)
1. work on project with Raine
2. work on project w/nas girls
3. Whip TCRA into a feasable project for the agent to shop
4. Write one single title for Aphro (due 5.15)
5. Finish Forbidden (because i KNOW my agent is going to get an offer any day now!)

14 thoughts on “Emma Hurt Me

  1. Holy smokes! You all are whacked. Do you WORK a day job on top of this? Man, my goal is to rework When Petals Fall by the first of the year, and finish Reed and Lily’s story by Feb or March, and then write my sheik book. YES, I SAID SHEIK! Snerk! my poor crit partners are going to have to suffer! Tee!

    You go girl!

  2. Oh, and I’m so not feeling the love. Sniffle. Why you might ask? Because I don’t even rate enough to be on your side bar. Waaah. Snort. I’m such a dork.

  3. I have a couple of goals. Although, they are nothing as big as your’s are.

    1) Complete and submit my two MSs

    2) Write my story I have plotted

    3) Go to Nationals (Hey, until it’s paid for, it’s still a dream!)

    4) Plot and write another idea I have lurking.

    5) Totally unrelated, but graduate the oldest from high school and pray for less stress. Result: ability to lose the 15 pounds I gained during my 4 months of hell in 2007.

    I think that’s about all I can think about right now, on top of the day job.

    BTW, I’m not on the side either *sniff, sniff* Just kidding.

  4. Okay, so long as I’m in Kinja *G* Tee! I saw Emma’s. INSANITY. I would feel too overwhelmed to have a list like that. Wow!

  5. You’re darn right it’s too early. Stop being so organized! It’s not January yet. At least wait till then so you can make a resolution list. I still have mine from last year… somewhere ….

  6. I’m with Tanya.
    There are cosmic LAWS against doing this goal stuff so soon!
    And if there aren’t, there oughtta be…

  7. Ummm…Will you hate me if I sometimes say I feel like a slacker? Hehe. I don’t get as much done as I think I should. *shrugs* Then again I have OCD tendencies. Either way I haven’t start working on 2008. I have only one goal cemented in my mind for 08 and it’s my single title. Gracie’s Story or STTM. Either way, come heck or high water I will get one (hopefully both done then) by the end of 2008.

    And as for day jobs, I kinda have 1. Sorta. Does it count if I work from home?

    Hehe. I think I’m gonna start writing down a couple of notes for 08. 😀

    And its never, never, never too early to plan. 😀 We have less than 25 days till year end.

  8. Emma sounds like a woman after my own heart. I say I’m a little less detailed but I know what I want to accomplish next year. So I’m in the camp that doesn’t think it’s too early.

    No need to go into a coma. Work at your own pace otherwise you’ll drive yourself crazy. Hmm, I wonder what Nora Roberts goals for 2008 looks like?

    Now you can go into a coma.

  9. I just want to finish The Lost and start querying agents with it. If that goes well, finish another contemp for Smahain in the meantime, then start on the second fantasy romance.

    Congrats on the impending sale!!