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So i counted the books on the sidebar before I cleaned it off.  There were 18.  Plus I probably read at least six more I didn’t add.  Twenty-four books in a year is kinda sad ya’ll


19 thoughts on “Eighteen

  1. You know what I sucked at reading this year. Actually, I read quite a few ebooks, but paper? Sheeze. I just forced myself to start reading paper books again, and doing the sidebar thing.You inspired me 🙂

  2. Can’t say I had a banner year, either. But that’s in term of ‘keeper’ reads. I actually think I read quite a bit (not surprising since I wasn’t writing much ::coughcough::) But I’ve been woefully neglectful in keeping my sidebar up to date, and at times I just erased a book listed if I didn’t finish it. 😛

  3. I think I did better than most years. I haven’t made a complete list yet. I have a couple more books in progress. Not sure if I’ll get them done before the New Year. Considering you write, I don’t think 24 is a bad number at all.

  4. I won’t even embarrass myself by posting a number here…

    I need a speed-reading course. Can never seem to find the time to get through a book lately. 😛

  5. I think I probably read around that number. I didn’t read much the first 5 months of the year. Then after the summer was the mother thing, so I didn’t read then. Haven’t read much during the holiday, so maybe it was even less.]

    I’m thinking about starting the sidebar thing.

  6. I’m having the same issue, but mostly about finishing books. I buy them, I start them, then….

  7. Happy New Year, Amie :yippee:. By the way, I mailed you something but it got back to me because apparently I hadn’t written your address correctly!:mybad: But no worries, I will send it to you again soon.

    By the way, if you think 24 is a bad number, you don’t want to hear mine AT ALL *runs away* 😕

  8. Between writing, editing, and life, I think 24 books is a pretty impressive number. Just as I don’t ever want to write because I believe I need a set number of words written, I don’t ever want to read because I believe I need a set number of books read. I speed read tech manuals. I do not speed read novels I’ve picked out to enjoy. 🙂

  9. I’m not sure how to count how many books I read. I’ve never really kept track before, but I want to start doing that in the New Year. I know I read less than 30 new books, but I also did a lot of re-reading.

  10. I’m forever reading so it would be hard to keep count.

    Best wishes, Amie, for a new year filled with joy, love, good health, friendship, and enough of whatever you want and need to fulfill your deepest dreams and desires.

  11. I’m not actually sure how many books I read, but I know it was less than last year. :loser: Maybe if I tie exercise and reading together, I might get more of both done!

  12. I don’t know how many I read this year, but I wasn’t happy. Lauren Baratz-Logsted was reading one a day, I think. Wow! My New Year’s Resolution is 1 a week, at the very least.

    Happy New Year! I want to read Christopher Moore, too. I haven’t tried him … er, his books … yet! :meow:

  13. And Spy…Moore actually has a new book coming out this month! *sigh* I’m always behind! Lisa’s new one come sout this month and I’ve moved GONE to the top of my TBR pile so I can read it then get HIDE :heythere: