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I just realized that not only do I have to come up with a blog topic for SFC tomorrow, I need one for the LSB author’s blog as well.

I’m open to suggestions.*

*please somebody throw me a bone

6 thoughts on “DUDE!

  1. So you mean like folks who denigrate stuff like urban fiction, erotica and chick lit? You just want to see me rant! :memememe:

  2. Subjects?
    “Why can I blog all week, but have nothing when it’s time for group blogs?” :hideme:

    Differences between urban fantasy and paranormal?
    (I swear, the ‘classifications’ drive me batty). 😛

  3. Hmmmmmmm I wonder if I can tie your suggestion and Jordan’s together…and Jorrie’s should be perfect for LSB! :yippee:

  4. You could write about the fine line between a scene portraying feeling, and one dropping off the edge of feeling into pathos.