Drunk Logic

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THIS reminds me of the time I thought puking in a laundry bakset was a good idea.

It was NOT a good idea…..even in your most drunkest state, never forget a laundry basket has holes. 😥

However, I’ve never done anything like this. Methinks I need to get a life.

6 thoughts on “Drunk Logic

  1. LOL I can’t take the credit…that goes to Vanessa Jaye for…leading the way 😀

  2. THANKS so much for including a link! How nice of you. Glad to know that I’m out there making people feel better about being loud, rowdy, obnoxious, drunk, or incontinent (smile).

    Great site; will check back in soon.


  3. LOL Hollie I highly recommend NOT puking in a laundry basket–you’re liable to get your ass kicked by your best friend 😆

    Waveline aka Kentucy Fried–you have a GREAT blog! I’ve really enjoyed reading (and giggling)