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I’m Done!

I’m Done!


Okay so NAILED is done, and just in the nick of time since it’s due tomorrow–I’ll be snail-mailing tomorrow. And can I say how relieved I am, even if I do have to go back in and write two sex scenes and give it a final read. I’m SO RELEIVED! But not half as releived as Raine, Dennie and Mik probably are because I know I’ve driven them INSANE over this book. I know I have because I nearly drove myself insane writing it!

Ladies, my hat is off to all three of you. You are the best and I don’t know if I can ever repay you for this one so please know you have my deepest thanks. And a special thanks to Eve and Missy for being my final readers.


  1. just make your next heroine a short curvy redhead and call her Dennie – i’ll call it even… and make her hot and she gets the HOTTEST guy… yeah… and make her rich… and ….

  2. Now Dennie I tried to put you in Nailed but you seemed kinda shocked that she was cheating on her husband with the town mechanic! :woohoo:

    Spy I never thought of it like that but I will from now on! 😆

    RAine….keep em handy. I’m sure we’ll need them again-KIDDING

    Jorrie thank you! :fly:

  3. Thanks ya’ll!

    Amy it was more like get er done so I can go work on other stuff :yippee: . No, seriously I did end up liking Nailed a lot more than I thought I would a couple weeks ago, it just kinda wrung me out.