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I recently discovered that one of my son’s favorite children’s book authors is a former Edgar Award Winner who writes mysteires. Anyway Jake and I were having this coversation regarding writers, and branching out and Do Overs and she decided to blog about it. If you could pick up a second genre, or switch genres, would you? Go weigh in

Raine’s blogging about the Luck of the Draw over at SFC.

2 thoughts on “Do Overs

  1. I recognize some of his covers!

    Um, gotta think fast before this computer forgets it doesn’t like me …

    I don’t know – I already write in a lot of genres – I have a children’s book, mystery, sci-fi, romance, horror – wait, I don’t have a western, but I do have a John Jakes type epi-generational book. Gotta go, the computer’s starting to snarl at me. :meow: