Do It For Dick

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Swiped from Monica……….honestly it’s been so long, I’m having a hard time remembering. These are in no particular order

What are the five most stupid, incredible things you’ve ever done for dick?

1. Went Fishing–repeatedly. If you know how much I hate to fish, you’d know how big this is.
2. Went camping–repeatedly. I hate camping as much as I hate fishing. Same asshole as #1 btw. :crazy:
3. Drove to the other side of Dallas to pick him up and take him home because he didn’t have a car (he was SO worth it though!) :tater:
4. Gone to the bar. Yes this was a deliberate ploy for dick. Does that make it stupid? I dunno.
5. Pretended to smoke pot (I DID NOT INHALE). 😀

I’ll be kind and not tag anyone, but I dare ya…….. 🙂

23 thoughts on “Do It For Dick

  1. Oh and as far as the tag goes – I am married to my prom date …. so mine is a big fat – to get the ring…..

  2. You know i was just about to make some comment about men marrying for their female counterpart but never mind. I did not get married for dick, he wasn’t that good. :loser:

  3. …What are the five most stupid, incredible things you’ve ever done for dick?…

    Who’s Dick? :smurfy:

  4. Yeah, I wondered what was happening last night – it kept disappearing on me.

    What have I done for dick? Um, I’m not answering this one …

  5. Dick Cavat – never met him
    Dick Van Patten – sorry Eight IS Enough
    Dick Butkus – too much sports as it is
    Dick Pospiech – my aunt’s ex – ‘nough said
    Andy Dick – no way no how

    I have exhauseted my Dick – :hideme:

  6. LOL! Whoa! Camping and fishing, I hope I one day meet a man with enough… personality that’ll make me want to go camping and fishing too. LOL!

  7. Shawn I’ve reached the age where I can happily decline to participate in activities that don’t come with indoor plumbing and yes, really soft toilet paper.

    Dennie, DVD is *Bwaaa* the oxymoron to end all oxymorons.

    Paige…better to almost get arrested than to almost get married!!!!!! :pimpn:

  8. And I have the funniest bar story EVER. Get me drunk sometime and I’ll tell you :fly: