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Link whorage of the head shaking kind….
I’m disgusted that the last picture 20/20 showed was Bush hugging some crying black woman. Can you say propaganda, boys and girls? :pimpn:
From USAToday

“The people of our city are holding on by a thread,” Mayor Ray Nagin warned in a statement to CNN. “Time has run out. Can we survive another night? And who can we depend on? Only God knows.” Earlier, in a rambling radio interview, Nagin erupted in tears and anger, saying, “Get off your asses and let’s do something.”

From Monica: A Rant

From Raine: A Rant

Glommed from Monica’s site…… Florida Blues

From USA Today:

Four days after Katrina killed hundreds if not thousands, Republicans joined Democrats in wondering why it was taking so long to relieve the misery of so many people living in squalor without the necessities of life.

That’s what I’m screamin…….:loser:

And after Pat Roberts wanted to shoot his ass
Cuba and Venezuela have offered to help despite differences with Washington.

Musicians pledge more than a professional sports team–they’re from Texas and they play baseball. I won’t mention any *coughrangerscough* names.

Sean “Diddy” Combs and Jay-Z have pledged $1 million to the American Red Cross to help victims of Hurricane Katrina

**Edited to add John Scalzi’s take on being poor.

And The Greg Biffle Foundation is organizing an auction to help animal shelters on the Gulf.

7 thoughts on “Disgusted

  1. Yes, I have ranted, and still have lots of rant in me.
    I’m listening to a certain politician state that ‘the rescue efforts thus far have not been enough’. Gee, ya THINK??!

    But I didn’t come here for that–just wanted to add to your list of people trying to help.

    Jerry Lewis announced that he’ll ask people who regularly contribute to his MDA Labor Day Marathon to donate half of what they’re considering pledging to hurricane relief efforts.
    Thank you, Mr. Lewis.
    And thank you, Cece. :kiss:

  2. I’ve written extensively about the Hurricane in my daily blog and I also mentioned Kanye West’s comments tonight in a review on my review blog as well.

    I keep shaking my head in what I’m seeing now. It shouldn’t have taken this long to get the aid to the people that so desperately need it. Now it is starting to finally come in, but it should not have taken this long at all.

    I applaud the celebrities that are jumping in to help. I was touched tonight by the NBC concert special, and I’ve heard storing of celebrities and companies doing what our government should have been doing days ago.

  3. Aw Cece, I’m about ready to get on a goddam bus and go down there and declare myself President of the United States. I could do better than that guy. Did you SEE that he cut the request for levee repairs (asked for last year) from $27 million to $3mill? DID YOU???? AND yesterday morning he had the nerve to say “There was no warning that there was a problem with the levees?”

    Yesterday he said “we can run the war in Iraq and rescue people.” GUESS why the levee improvement funds were cut? Yup. That war in Iraq. (I have the various articles cited in my blog) The man should be put on trial for lying and sentenced to cleaning up the city. I’d give him a lot of garbage bags and a pair of rubber gloves at least. I’m a nicer person than he is–I’ll let him have the supplies he needs to survive a catastrophe.

    and now I’m going to use Marilyn just because I can :ohmy:

    Tired of ranting and crying,

  4. Gina…good on Kanye for speaking out!

    Kate…I’m with you. FLying over in a helicoper is too good for The Shrub. I think he should have to clean up while folks take pot shots at him.

    Yup Kate I did see the financial cuts–all so Mr. Bush could have his war (which IMO is another Viet Nam). I will forever support anyone who’s willing to give up their life (including my dad who is a viet nam vet) so I can sit here and run my mouth, but I don’t support him and his propoganda and his war. The last time we fought two wars, we ended up dropping a bomb to end one. Napoleon was defeated because he tried to fight a war on two fronts. And yes I think the catastrope on the coast is the equivalent to another war. What did our founding father’s do when the system no longer worked? They hosted a little revolution.

    I’m tired of it too, doll. :pimpn:

  5. Nagin is a man above men, IMO – and I hope his words sink in. Few had the guts to be so blunt and ask pertinent questions until he stepped up to the plate. Would that there were more like him.

  6. “Did you SEE that he cut the request for levee repairs (asked for last year) from $27 million to $3mill? DID YOU???? ” “Nagin is a man above men…”

    To the first quote, go back to school. The Congress spends all funds, not the President. The funds were cut by Congress, not the White House.

    To the second quote, spoken like a person who’s never been to this state. Mayor Nagin and Govenor Blanco both lacked foresight to keep this from happening, and then cried foul when the Federal government didn’t bail them out fast enough. Mayor Nagin had enough school buses to get the majority of the poor out, but didn’t. Govenor Blanco could have activated the National Guard, after all, they belong to the state, but she didn’t. Nobody questions that Mayor Nagin removed 400 tourists from the hotel downtown, took them to the dome, then put them at the FRONT of the line, ahead of his own townsmen to be evacuated. You all have absolutly NO CLUE of whats been going on down here for the last two weeks.