Dear Mom

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camp is great.

please send smokes.

Ya’ll totally need to go check out the video at NAS.

Today I slept late, drank coffee, answered emails, went to post office, went to other post office because first post office was closed, went to store and bought syrup and bell peppers–don’t ask–, got tags for car, answered more emails, blog surfed, chatted with Emma and went to Target to get new glasses for me and #1 son. Mine are candy apple red 🙂 I can’t wait.

Anyway….writing 0 errands 5

Hours wasted playing Rock Band of quality time spent with children = 3

One thought on “Dear Mom

  1. You are too funny, hon. My next glasses I want to be different with. I was thinking a red, too. Great minds and all. However, I can’t get new ones until June. Darn insurance.