Dear Ma

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I’m having fun at camp. Please send clean underwear. I sat in paint and ruined mine. :kiss:

this is what poor #2 has had to look at for six months–three painted walls and someone’s idea of something :embarassed: He asked for a blue camo wall so I, being the brilliant mom that I am, decided painting his wall and sprucing up his room would be the perfect present (I got shelves and a new tv stand).

You know I thought of a lot of different blog titles while painting this. 2 days…10 hours….lots of time to cuss Jake for not being around to help. I mean this is right up his alley!

Titles like “don’t be a sucker” or “you can love your children too much” or even “never have a baby in December”

I even did the freaking outlets.

“How NOT to spend your New Years Eve”
“This will get you a Colorado Bulldog”

“Send Jake, His Room Is Ready”

Did I mention the two hours of cleaning? I should have taken pics of his dresser drawers! :yell:

14 thoughts on “Dear Ma

  1. Oh, Cece! It looks great! (My youngest would love it).

    I can sooooo relate on the drawers (it took me a whole DAY to clean out Monster #2’s closet!).

  2. Linda I found one of MY Shirts in there, along with like half his brother’s underwear, deoderant (also his brotehrs), a kazillion t-shirts, and none of it in any kind of order.

  3. Thanks Tanya….and Linda….it was actually a lot of fun! Except for the cleaning part :crazy:

  4. :woot: Yay! You finally did it! I bet he was super excited! =) It turned out great, hon!! :pimpn:

  5. 🙂 I always wanted an interesting wall when I was a kid. Actually, I did as an adult too but my landlord vetoed that idea! LOL. Look great.

  6. THanks Jolie! And thanks for stopping by!

    Annalee…there are VERY few white walls in my house 😎 The kitchen is brown and eggplant, the living room is brown, my room is brown and a very dark green, my bathroom is turquoise, the boys bathroom is a funky orange color, #1’s room is red and white and #2 chose blue. It rocks!