Day 9 of Love…with Vanessa Jaye

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 CONGRATULATIONS to #5 JOYE!! You’ve won the Denise McDonald drawing! Please email me at amie at with your snail mail address so I can get your copy of Hittin’ It out to you and forward yourjaye.jpg email address to Denise so she can get your ebook to you!

So last night on the Elizabeth Amber post (which you can still enter to win until 12 Noon CST) we were chatting about….sexual boundaries. But what about storyline boundaries? What do you love? What do you hate? What really sets your teeth on edge? And characterization aside, what makes you go OMGSQEE!!!! Come on…it’s secret babies isn’t it? We won’t tell (but we might make fun of you! Ok…kidding!!!! We won’t make fun. Promise….now spill).

Today’s giveaway is from my great friend and Southern Fried Chica blog-buddy, Vanessa Jaye. In Felicity Stripped Bare the heroine works in a strip club albeit as a waitress. I remember critiquing this a while back *g* and one of the things I LOVED was the fact the heroine had a non-traditional job. For that matter, the heroine also had some non-traditional issues. I loved Felicity then, and I love her now. And I’m not just saying that because Vanessa is my friend 😀

I guess you could say I love characters who break the mold (otherwise I wouldn’t be writing about gypsys and hitmen and mafia princesses huh? LOL). In all honesty, I just love complex characters–period. And Felicity delivers in a big way!

Vanessa also has a Valentine Freebie from Samhain available today!!!

Just when things are looking up, she falls for the man of her dreams.

It’s been ten years since Felicity skipped out of high school, leaving behind the taunts of “retard”. Things have hardly improved since then. Her job waitressing at a strip club is just one more tick in the suck column of her life. Now she’s signed up for tutoring and her future looks bright–until her hunky new landlord starts wreaking havoc on her libido.

And did he just say, “Evicted? Not so fast, buddy. She may be dyslexic, but she’s not stupid.

Daniel MacKenzie is this close to achieving his dream of setting up his own renovation company, so he’s not interested in more demands on his time. Not even if one of those demands is a tenant wearing skintight jeans, teetering on four-inch heels and complaining a blue streak with the most kissable mouth on the planet.

Despite his resolve not to mix business with pleasure, Daniel not only teeters, he tumbles head-first into the scorching sexual tension between them.

He’s a man who’s used to getting what he wants, and he’s not above pulling every trick in the book to get and keep Felicity in his life. But she’s holding something back.

And he’s afraid it’s her heart.

Warning: Smart women outwitting gorgeous men, hot explicit monkey-lovin’ and some graphic language.

Comment to win a copy of Felicity Stripped Bare, your choice from my Aphrodisia backlist and some other bookloving goodies!

24 thoughts on “Day 9 of Love…with Vanessa Jaye

  1. I like friends turned lovers, second chance romance, and work love books. Felicity Stripped Bare sounds great!

  2. I love stories about friends who have secretly been in love with each other for years. It makes the romance a lot more believable than a couple that just met three days ago & is suddenly deeply in love. Plus it really adds a depth of emotion that I enjoy. I also like stories of hooking up with the hot neighbor for some reason (not sure why, never had a hot neighbor – lol).

    What I don’t like: bitchy females. I don’t finish those books (and I’m always surprised at how many there are).


  3. I love the “their eyes meet and instant wow” thing but then something is always holding them back from getting together, but when they do, it’s great. Felicity Stripped Bare sounds like a fun read.

  4. I love hate turned to love

    and hate females that are just TOO beautiful TOO perfect and TOO honest. I hate them I tell you!!

  5. This sounds like a great story!
    I know I don’t like stories about cheaters. I am pretty open otherwise. I think each story is different and may have things I like and don’t like.

  6. I like friends to lovers stories, amnesia or mistaken identity stories, etc. I don’t like self centered heroines.

  7. I absolutely love the friends/lovers stories. I don’t care if they’ve been secretly in love or if one day they just turn, look at each other and go “wow”, I just love them. One of the reasons that Tears of the Moon is a favorite of mine. Neighbors falling in love is a good one too.

    Hate? Too stupid to live!!!!!! The ol’ “I’m gonna make her/him fall in love with me and then drop them out of revenge” storyline is a big turn-off. Second chance is okay AS LONG as there isn’t hate involved, like they broke up because one of them thought that the other had betrayed them, especially if the betrayal could have been avoided if they had just talked to each other. Puhhleeze!! I used to hate baby stories because they seemed to be everywhere – The Baby Surprise, His Secret Baby, etc. Get a grip!!! Unless there are physical reasons, every time you stick that thing in there is a chance for a baby – so how could it be a surprise!!!!!!!!!

  8. >>so how could it be a surprise!!!!!!!!!

    And my God we’ve had birth control for like what? 60 years now?

    I LOVE seeing a big, strong alpha brought to his knees!!! And I love the slightly plain girl who realizes she really does have something to offer.

    >>and hate females that are just TOO beautiful TOO perfect and …

    I don’t think you’ll get any arguments out of ANYONE on that score! I know some readers want to put themselves in the heroine’s place, but I’m not one of them TYVM! 😀

  9. I love when the heroine can outwit the hero.

    The storylines I don’t like are usually when there’s some lame misunderstanding that’s kept the hero and heroine apart. It needs to make sense.

    And what makes me go OMGSQEE!!!! is when heroine makes the hero loose control during sex – like he just can’t get enough of her. Usually the alpha heroes are always in control so it’s great to see them loose it with their heroine.

  10. I love when he or she returns to town after an absence of a few years.

    I hate dumb heroines!

  11. I love the modern, hot macho cowboy romance stories where the heroine makes him go weak.

    Can’t wait to read Felicity Stripped Bare.

  12. I love secret baby stories (I know, you’re gagging over there.) I’ve read HQN series too long, I guess. However, I think I relate to them because I’m a mom and can relate to the feelings I would have if it happened to me (the child being kept from me, I mean.)

    I want complex characters that I give a rip about…that’s the most important. Oh, and I hate when the heroine is made out to be an idiot or dumb.

    Ok, more than you wanted to know.

  13. The story certainly sounds unusual and fun…and I love smart women outsmarting gorgeous men!

  14. Hi Vanessa! Great to see you here on Amie’s blog 🙂 Your books sound very good and that is a hot cover for Felicity Stripped Bare.

    I love when friends become lovers. I also love a good series when the heroine’s best friend gets together with the hero’s best guy friend. I love HEA’s as well 🙂 I love a good mystery read as well. I enjoy reading when the hero or heroine finds the killer & gets revenge.

    I like my hero’s & heroines strong & not whiny that is a turn off for me.


  15. Is it too late to comment? I’ve gotten both of Vanessa Jaye’s freebies and I really like them. I also got a big kick out of her bio.

  16. Friends become lovers and return to the family home are fun. Reading about imperfect heroines and heros is also romantic when it makes sense.

    Dislike the wishy-washy can’t make up her mind heroine.