Day 6 of Love…with Lucinda Betts

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Sorry I’m late this morning….it’s been a killer week and #1 son is STILL down with the flu!!!

CONGRATULATIONS TO #15 Tiffany!! Please shoot your snail mail address to amie at and I’ll get your books out to you!!!


Since, you know, Valentines is about love…usually romantic love….I thought today we could chat about…romance.

There are 3 great things in this world.
The first thing is for you to love someone.
The second thing
is for someone to love you back
and the third greatest thing is for the first
and second thing
to happen at the same time…

If it wasn’t for romance I suppose none of us would be here, huh? LOL I’ll admit, as much as I’m a cynic, I’m also a bit of a closet romantic–but don’t tell anyone, okay?  They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach….but what’s the way to a woman’s heart? What makes your toes tingle and brings a smile to your face? What’s the most romantic thing a man (or a woman!) has ever done for you?

Leave a comment and be entered to win a signed copy of Lucinda Betts’s The Supplicant. You can read an excerpt here. Of course I’m also giving away a signed copy of your choice–Make U Sweat or Hittin’ It.

The Supplicant

Her ecstasy makes wishes come true…

The sudden appearance of a second sun signifies that a Supplicant has come of age in the land of Marotiri. King Kalief knows this woman is destined to save his people from the barbarians. But first she must learn complete surrender—and King Kalief is just the man to teach her…

Sureya, a humble servant girl, is shocked to learn that her flame—red hair and white skin mark her as the Supplicant. She has never made love to anyone. There are many men—both good and evil—who are waiting to introduce Sureya to this new world of pleasure, but only Kalief can truly satisfy her…

With each shattering climax, the Supplicant’s powers grow as dark forces come closer to taking her for their own. Now as Kalief and Sureya propel each other to dizzying sensual heights, danger and desire will become one—and one wish will change everything…

21 thoughts on “Day 6 of Love…with Lucinda Betts

  1. DAYYYUUMMM!! That does sound like a good book. I am going to post a million times to increase my chances 🙂

    Also want to read “Hittin It”…..which btw is what “brings a smile to my face”…..not assult and battery hittin it……just a little spankin’ now and then…..don’t tell my sister…….

  2. That does sound like a good book! And my sister is freak…if I wasn’t 100% sure it is in b&w, but i love her 🙂

  3. Well, rats… these “most romantic” questions remind me I’m seriously lacking romance in my life. I’ll just keep myself entertained reading about it. 😀

  4. Sounds like a good book. The most romantic thing my husband has done for me is to come home from work on his lunch break and leave flowers, a card and instructions to get ready for a night out that I would find when I came home from work. I love it when he surprises me.

  5. I would love to get flowers!!! (as long as he doesn’t use the “joint” checking account).

    That would make me feel loved.

  6. >>I would love to get flowers!!!

    Now see, I’d just like for the kids to not speak for ohhhhhhhhh 12 hours or so. THAT would make me feel loved *snicker*

    I don’t care so much about what a SO does (not that I have one) as how they do it….the *thought* that goes into it.

    Flowers for VD *meh* Cooking me dinner and snuggling with me would net some major brownie points LOL

  7. 12 hours of silence… that would really be a present.

    usually the duct tape only stays on for about 3 hours…….

  8. I love it when a guy makes me laugh. I also appreciate it when he surprises me with an elaborate homemade dinner.

  9. Hubby has done a couple of things….
    1) He writes me incredibly sappy emails. The make me tingle (and occasionally blush, if I am at work! LOL)
    2) He has sent me flowers to work when he knows I have been having a HORRIBLE day.
    They both put a huge smile on my face.
    P.S. This sounds like a terrific book!

  10. This book sounds outstanding!

    Just a glance with that special look in his eye makes my toes tingle.

  11. oohhhh…..and a back rub I don’t have to pay $60 an hour for….. that makes me smile too

  12. Great excerpt. The book sounds fantastic!

    As for the answer to your question, I would have to go with either a shoulder massage or playing with my hair. There’s just something about a man who will massage my shoulders or brush my hair that I love.

    The most romantic thing anyone’s ever done for me was to give me a single carnation on Valentine’s Day.

  13. Oh…Me. Me. I want this one.

    Romantic gestures… Well, the ex doesn’t have many redeeming factors, but our anniversary was in February as well. I arrived at work to a dozen roses, a picture of our family in a heart shaped frame, a box of chocolate, and a really sappy card. (He had left early for work and gone ten miles in the opposit direction to place the booty in my office before I got there. Too bad he had so many bad traits…

  14. Okay, I’m back to tell you a romantic story. My maternal grandparents were married in the month of July – and one year during the 30s, he had to work about 40 miles from home. He traded with a guy and worked July 4th so that he could have their anniversary off. Then he rode on a sideboard (or runner) of a car all the way home (that’s a part of the car that runs the length of the car that they used to step out on). Now, cars didn’t go as fast as they do now, so this was about a 2 hour drive. Did I mention that he did this in the pouring rain? Yeah, that’s romantic.

  15. Aw Bailey!! My grandfather proposed on V’day so every V’day he would get my grandmother a heart shaped box of chocolates–and he was NOT a huggy/warm and fuzzy kinda guy. He died in ’87 and my grandmother still had EVERY box lid. *sigh*