Day 5 of Love…with Amy Knupp!

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 CONGRATS TO WENDYK!!! You’ve won an autographed copy of Carolyn Jewel’s SCANDAL, your choice of Make U Sweat or Hittin’ It and some other bookloving goodies! Please send me your snail mail address to amie at

Wow….so….category love. Or rather, category romance love. Like Bebo, Harlequin was one of my first romance reads too. I’m sure going from Woodiwiss to Presents sounds backwards but when you live 14 miles out of town (no i do NOT exagerate) you take what you can get. And believe me, I devoured Presents (along with Barb Cartland so relax Donya LOL).

So today’s giveaway is, of course, category romances from my good friend Amy Knupp!! Amy writes for Superromance. So, do you read category? What are your fave lines and authors? Any good recs?

Leave a comment to be entered to win Amy’s Salinger Sisters series (The Boy Next Door, Doctor in Her House and The Secret She Kept), a copy of Make U Sweat (Or Hittin’ It–your choice) and other book-loving goodness.

The Boy Next Door

Rundles and Salingers don’t mix. Not since the tragic accident involving Zach Rundle’s brother and Lindsay Salinger’s mother. But when the well-being of Zach’s five-year-old nephew is at stake, Zach and Lindsay are dragged together again.

At first Zach thinks the social worker is stirring up the old feud. But he soon realizes that’s the last thing on her mind. Before long, the attraction they’d felt twelve years ago returns, too. Could a child’s needs bring them together?

More important–would it help keep them together?

Doctor in Her House

Katie Salinger has spent most of her adult life looking for the next big adrenaline rush. But the extreme-sports journalist faces her greatest challenge when she returns to Lone Oak, Kansas…and meets the attractive, secretive doctor who’s intent on buying her beloved family home.
Ever since he returned from Africa, Dr. Noah Fletcher has been haunted by a tragic loss. His hometown thinks he’s a hero, including Katie, the risk taker, who’s determined to uncover all his secrets. Noah can’t deny their mutual attraction. But he also can’t let her close.

Because the last time he fell in love, it almost killed him.

The Secret She Kept

She never ever thought Jake Barnes would know the truth. When he left town without any warning, Savannah couldn’t tell him she was pregnant. He didn’t give her the chance. So now—years later—because he’s back and finds out he has a child, suddenly she’s the villain.… How is that fair?

Savannah Salinger raised her daughter and knows what’s best for her own kid. But she can’t seem to push Jake away, and having the infuriating man so close…so close to her…stirs up all those feelings she thought were buried as deep as the secret she swore she’d never tell.


Top cover borrowed from Longmire does Romance and not indicative of category romance covers.

19 thoughts on “Day 5 of Love…with Amy Knupp!

  1. I read catagory I guess, I just never really look to see what it is. I am a blurb person (and a cover) lol.
    So far, there is only one line that I WON’T read, and that is the inspirational.

  2. Ooooh I’m first today!
    I do read category, but not as much as I used to. I LOVE the Intrigues and Intimate Moments lines, and I have to admit I don’t know what the title of the paranormal line is, but I read that too… and really I’ve read ALL the lines over the years. Sadly, superromance and Presents were/are my least favs… :-/
    At any rate… I adore Suzanne Brockman’s Navy Seals! And Merlene Lovelace! And others that my brain is not giving me the names of…

  3. It’s Nocturne Bebo.

    Blaze honey!!! Blaze is my line (with forays into Romantic Suspense or Intimate Moments whichever you want to call them – hello Loreth Ann White). My favorite authors are: Jill Shalvis (no surprise to my friends and blog readers), Jo Leigh, Isabel Sharpe, Donna Kauffman, Tori Carrington, um, I’m going off the top of my head here folks – Jacquie D’Allessandro, Jamie Denton, Leslie Kelly, Kate Hoffman, Kristin Hardy, Julie Kenner, Alison Kent, Jennifer LaBrecque, Julie Leto, Rhonda Nelson, Joanne Rock, Cara Summers and Jamie Sobrato. I know, you asked. Of course I read other authors in this series – these are just my auto-buy authors.

    I’ve read most of the lines at one time or another. And of course, I read friends category books (hi Heidi!).

  4. I have never read category…I guess I am out of the loop on this one! lol baby steps….LOL

  5. I don’t read by category — just what looks good.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Hey Amie, thanks again for featuring my books!

    I do read category (and did before I starting writing for them too.) Like Natasha, I tend to be a blurb reader too and am open to most of the lines, but I do have my favorite lines I check first. Supers of course, as well as Blaze. I’ve enjoyed some Desires lately as well and have a few Romances on my TBR pile. I like SSE but haven’t picked one up for a while. Also like the Intrigue and Romantic Suspense lines. And Presents. It probably would’ve been easier to list which lines I don’t read or enjoy. *g*

  7. I love category romances. I like the Blaze, Intrigue and Desire lines. I have yet to try the Harlequin Historical Undone line, but hope to soon.

  8. I am quilty 🙂

    I love them all!!!! I don’t care 🙂 I just LOVE a happy ending!!!

    Of all of them Blaze is my favorite…and fav author…Jo Leigh.

    thanks for a great giveaway…and thanks to Bailey for letting us know it is here…now all I have to do is remember to come back everyday to enter 🙂


  9. I love category romances, too. Blaze is my first choice followed by all of the others. My list of authors is much like Bailey’s list. That won’t surprise her! lol

  10. I love category romances – my favorite are Blaze and H Presents. My favorite them is boss/employee and friends to lovers.

  11. I read a lot of category romance. I lvoe the Blaxe line, Desires , INtrigues and their historicals. But I also read a smattering of all the other lines.

  12. I read categories, but not too prolificly. I think the line I have the most of is Blaze. I’ve got Jennifer LaBrecque’s entire backlist, I think, in my TBR. because I’ve heard rave reviews from her. I’ve also read some old Harlequin Present’s that are wonderful, and I’ve got some old Charlotte Lamb’s to read that I’m thrilled about. And of course I have Maya Banks’ new Silhouette Desires book that I can’t wait to get to.

    I have been wanting to read Amy’s series but just haven’t hunted down the backlist. Thank you!

  13. Congratulations, Wendy!

    I love category romances. They’re what got me hooked on romance and I still devour them now. My favorites are Silhouette Nocturne, Silhouette Romantic Suspense, Harlequin Blaze, and Harlequin Intrigue. However, I tend to jump around and grab a few books from the other lines as well, especially when they come from authors I enjoy, like Maya Banks.

  14. I do read category romance. My favorite lines are Desire, Presents, Blaze and Nocturne.

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