Day 11 of Love…with Lissa, Cheryel and Linda!

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Congratulations to our Day 10 winner– #23 NATASHA A!! Please email me at amie at!!!

funny pictures of cats with captionsI know this is almost blasphemous to ask….but I already know how much you ladies and gents LOVE books. So, what else do you love…besides books (and TV! WOOT!). What do you love to spend your free time doing when you’re not reading?

Ok we are on the home stretch and today I have a passell of e-books from my good friends Lissa Matthews and Cheryel Hutton as well as your choice of print or e-book from Linda Winfree’s backlist.  Lissa and Linda also have some Valentine freebies available from Samhain! Yeah, that’s a lot of books–and you get your choice from my Aphrodisia backlist.

Cheryel’s current release, KEEPERS OF LEGEND goes on sale today at Wild Rose Press:

Jessica Knight was enjoying a hike with her daughter when an accidental discovery gives her the shock of her life. Her biologist sensibilities refuse to believe the creature is a dragon, but it sure looks like one.

Being a local, Colonel Drew McGregor is the obvious choice for the army to send on a quest for the strange animal reported to look much like a dragon. Not only does he find the creature, he is reunited with the love of his life.

Torn apart sixteen years ago by tragedy and guilt, neither Jessica nor Drew dreamed the other might still care. Before the two of them can consider the possibility of a second chance, they have a lot of talking to do. Unfortunately, discussion has to take a backseat to a young dragon and the motives of the people around it.

Linda’s current release from Samhain is the latest in her Hearts of the South series, Fall Into Me.

After two back-to-back romantic disappointments, bar owner Angel Henderson isn’t looking for love. In the past month, she’s been passed over twice by men she’d pinned her hopes on, both times in favor of a younger woman. She’s ready to swear off men for life. The only problem? A certain younger man determined to prove he can be her right man.

Sheriff’s deputy Troy Lee Farr is tired of being the department screw-up. The harder he tries to prove himself, the worse it gets. The only thing that’s gone right recently is getting a second chance with Angel. Except she’d rather jam on the brakes than rush into a new relationship. Now he has to work hard to prove his worth as a romantic prospect.

Troy Lee is a patient man, and it isn’t long before Angel is falling into him as hard as he’s fallen for her. Just as Angel begins to think of him as more than a fun date, her past—and Troy’s dangerous reality—threatens the tentative happiness they’ve found in one another.

Reminding them both that security is tenuous…and unconditional love is the biggest challenge of all.

And from Lissa there’s Charming Lucy, a menage romance charminglucy.jpgcoming later this month from Phaze E-books.

Kasper Griffin is in love with two people: his business partner and lover, Tony and their business manager, Lucy. Kasper and Lucy have been involved in a sexual affair for the past few months and he’s decided that it’s time to bring Lucy into his relationship with Tony, making them a permanent threesome. Having talked with Tony at length and knowing that the man is eager to explore Lucy himself, Kasper is still uncertain how Lucy will react to his proposition.

During a recent trip to Egypt, Kasper learns of a turquoise stone rumored to lower one’s inhibitions. It’s the perfect gift for Lucy, a way to introduce her to the idea of a complete partnership with him and Tony. He does not tell Lucy of the charm, but after he gifts the stone to her in a most provocative way, sexual desire besieges her at every turn, opening her to ideas she’d previously not considered.

With some charm and coaxing from Tony and Kasper, and a heart to heart with her brother, Lucy realizes that love and the hot sex to which she’s become accustomed is what she desires more than anything and she wants to share it all with both men.

Don’t forget to comment to be entered to win!

24 thoughts on “Day 11 of Love…with Lissa, Cheryel and Linda!

  1. I really don’t have much time to do what I please….I was put on earth to serve my husband and children… BUT when I can do something I enjoy it’s going to flea markets and looking for the infamous bargain. I love to shop but I am so freakin’ poor i have to find the best deals. So…I feel like a champion when I find them 🙂

    So I guess my answer is…..I LOVE TO SHOP!!

  2. I am a crafter. I knit, crochet, and sew. I am not very good yet, but I have fun doing it.

  3. I like to do some home improvement, there is always something around my house that can be fixed or painted or something. I like planting flowers and stuff…as long as it isn’t too hot. They are nice to enjoy as they bloom. Wow, I have a boring life…lol.

  4. *waves* Hi to Amie, Lissa, Cheryel & Linda.

    Congratulations Natasha A.

    I love arts & craft. I make book-thongs cause a reader could never have enough book marks *g* I make beaded jewelry. I love watching movies with my fiance and our favorite tv shows.

    I listen to music on you tube and play games on the computer. I talk with friends on messenger & I love to blog hop and visit authors websites 🙂

    KEEPERS OF LEGEND, Fall Into Me & Charming Lucy all sound like wonderful reads 🙂 Love the covers for them as well.

    I would love to be entered for this giveaway, thank you.


  5. I like watching movies, but have to confess I spend ungodly amounts of time sitting in front of my computer, surfing online and listening to music.

  6. Travel is a passion of mine so aside from working full-time, I’ve been an outside travel agent for the past 9 years. I love reading about destinations, taking online courses in destinations to become certified. That and we volunteer with English Springer Spaniel America doing transports, home visits, vet checks etc for our favorite dog breed the springer spaniel.

  7. I LOVE being outside–though you wouldn’t know it to look at me LOL adn I love working in the yard but it can be overwhelming!

  8. >>I was put on earth to serve my husband and children…

    *sob* U R not alone dollface!!!! Except I have no hubby…just two hormonal teenaged boys 🙁

  9. I grew up watching my mom do all of that! Same with cooking…I think I just ended up learning through osmosis, because I was somehow able to pick up a book and figure out how to knit! It was pretty cool!
    Oh yeah! lol and thanks for the win! I am excited to read them!

  10. I don’t have tons of free time, I’ve got two school age kids and one not yet two, so I have to choose between things and some get done infrequently. Besides reading and tv, which seem to be what I most often do with my spare time, I like to draw, play video games, loom knit, and listen to music. I used to hand make teddy bears, but that was two kids ago.

  11. Other than reading, I spend my spare time watercolor painting. I have sold several even though I hate to part with them.

  12. Congratulations, Natasha!

    What a great prize for today.

    When I’m not reading, I like to spend time wandering the mountains, playing the piano, or playing volleyball.

  13. I love swimming, boating, jetskiing and travelling when I have free time. Love the books you’re giving away these 2 weeks.