Dark Side of the Moon

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I finished last night. :woot:

The cover’s over there *pointing to the right*

Not sure if technically this falls under police procedural or suspense but it had plenty of suspense! Reminded me a lot of Lisa Garder who is one of my auto-buys!

I loved it! I totally didn’t figure it out, never saw that that last twist and had to keep turning pages until the very end!

I’m chomping at the bit for book one now–the book store didn’t have it so I got book 2 but it’s totally a stand alone!

Needless to say I didn’t get any writing done last night but it was time well spent.

I also watched part one of the season finale of Battlestar Gallactica!!!! Wahooooooo (yes I read during commercials LOL). Half my contest entries are judged and it’s GORGEOUS outside!

Have a great day everyone!

5 thoughts on “Dark Side of the Moon

  1. *note to self: do not complain in front of jaq about it being cloudy and overcast* 😳

  2. Oh it was perfect weather today for being outside. Missed a good one Cece – we’ll have to shoot for next year. Yeah, men in kilts …

  3. We’ve been averaging minus 4 to minus 7 for several weeks now.

    That’s not factoring in windchil.:yelling:

    (and yes, plenty-O-overcaste skies here too. :hushup: )