Crazy Weekend

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It was just a NUTSO weekend that started out with a leaky sink Friday night! But somehow or another I ended up wHeartsickith no kids on Saturday night *sigh* and got to sleep in late Sunday–except for the dogs.

I finally got the sink fixed Saturday morning, forgot to blog somewhere, ran all my errands and collapsed around 5. then got up at 8 to take #2 to a birthday party.

And stayed up to finish Chelsea Cain’s Heartsick. I really *really* loved this book. It’s very sparsely written, and that fits well with the graphic nature of the book. I didn’t QUITE buy the twist at the end but I was totally okay with it….and a warning for you romantic suspense fans: the only thing resembling a romance in this book is between Archie (the cop) andGretchen (the serial killer who nearly did him in).

We also *lost* the dogs Saturday–they snuck into the neighbor’s backyard. Then on Sunday we really did lose them…for 4.5 of the worst hours of my life. Luckily someone took them in.  They are fine. I’m still traumatized. AND of course, no writing on Sunday, no laundry, no cleaning so teh house looks like a bomb went off. All my good intentions out the window. I collapsed last night after dinner and watched the season finale of True Blood. If you saw it, what did you think?

I’m over at SFC today talking missed goals and new ones.

7 thoughts on “Crazy Weekend

  1. Oh, poor you! I’m glad you found the dogs of course, but what a difficult time beforehand.

    I found Heartsick completely compelling—couldn’t put it down and it’s totally NOT my kind of book. But, well, compelling. I’ve got Sweetheart on my desk and I’m curious how I’ll find that one.

  2. Sorry about the pups, glad they’re ok!

    True Blood? My reaction?
    I’m pissed that there won’t be more until NEXT SUMMER!
    And totally heart Bill.
    Why aren’t there any men–er, vampires like that around?

  3. Raine was that the best FINALE EVAH!!!! OMG!!!!! lafeyette my smecksy, flamin gay, drug dealing hottie *sigh* (avoiding mentioning any spoilers)

    And yes, I totally agree, bill is the ultimate hero while Jason is the ultimate dumbass LOL

  4. Wow, poor you, what a crazy weekend! Glad you found the dogs I was just about to thank you for squeezing the crit in for me. then I realized that was last week! So that’s two weekends in a row, chasing down those bad doggies. 😛

    I tried to read Heartsick. I’m not sure why it didn’t click with me at the time. But I recommended the book to a friend, she kept it in mind and finally picked it up a couple of weeks ago then went right out and got the follow up. She really loved them.

    As for TRUE BLOOD, I can’t believe it’s over!!!!! Next summer is sooooo faaaaaaar awaaaaaay. lol Even though we “knew” who the killer was from the previous episode, I was still kinda hoping the writers had throw us a red herring because I really liked that character. Now we have to worry about Lafayette (he’s one my favs on the show and I’d hate to see him go).

    Jason is an idiot.
    I love Bill, and hope the show veers from the books in respect to his relationship with Sookie. (I haven’t read the books, but I’ve heard the online buzz).
    I wonder what’s going on with Tara and that chick with the pig (and what’s the connection to Sam?)
    And I had that vamp Bill was forced to make. I hope she doesn’t last too long.

    With Supernatural on hiatus, there’s hardly anything worth watching on TV. :-/

    But Friday Nights Lights returns January 16th. I’ve been sitting on the season two dvds for months now, it might be time to break them open and get caught up. 😀