Cover Doppelgängers

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I’m over at Naughty and Spice talking about Drinking and Dialing (or texting or twittering–pick your poison!).

So, you know it’s bad enough when you see your stock art on someone elses cover. You wince, you cringe you think, “Maybe no one will notice.”

Then your critique partner emails you and says WTFMate?!

Okay, honestly, I laughed. I mean come on!!!!!!!! It’s Lora Leigh!!!!!! Maybe people WILL Notice! Maybe they’ll think Nailed is Only Pleasure and buy it on accident *ggg* (I can dream can’t i).

But sometimes…….it’s not THAT Funny people. Okay because THIS is not funny. I mean Dense and I are BLOGMATES! And Critique Partners and Drinking Buddies….

And he’s MY COWBOY and You MUST give him back. Or I will NEVAH drink with you again!

Just messin’ with ya girl! Happy release day!


4 thoughts on “Cover Doppelgängers

  1. I mean Dense and I are BLOGMATES!

    did you call me Dense?!?! LOL… well, I gues it does fit 🙂

    You can see more of his yummy face on yours, but he seems more mysterious on mine so it’s good either way *vgb*