Chris or Sheryl?

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Ok so two of my favorite artists have CD’s out this week–Chris Cagle and Sheryl Crow. I can’t get both cuz I had to take the kids and go buy pants–yes I said pants (and jackets). Our cold front was a stark reminder that a) Winter is coming and b) my oldest had no pants.

I’d rather have my mouth drilled with no novocain.

Anyway Dennie got Chris’ CD and said it was okay but she didn’t sound too entheusiastic. I went to Starbucks yesterday and they had Sheryl’s CD but I didn’t get it. After the trip to hell–I mean KOHL’s — we went to Starbucks for breakfast and I got it. I’ve heard chat about it being different and it IS but it’s as good as The Globe Sessions which is my fave Sheryl Crow CD to date.
There is not one bad song on this CD. It’s mellower than her last CD and maybe it’s different cuz she’s in love but it’s just awesome. Two huge thumbs up :woot:

Also saw Serenity–no spoilers I promise–all I can say is Oh My God! It totally rocked. :pimpn:

5 thoughts on “Chris or Sheryl?

  1. I have to buy clothing for my children too. Why do I live in old grubbies? Because keeping them clothed costs a small fortune! But the poor little things, their sleeves and pants are too short.

  2. We just have one daughter, now an adult, but I vividly recall those clothes shopping outings. The most, um…memorable, were the ones when she was about fifteen and had very definite ideas. Thank God I was young then because, Lordy, I’d never be able to repeat the experience at this stage of the game!