19 thoughts on “Celebrate!

  1. It does!!!!!! Except, um I just spent 3.5 hours in the ER wiht my son. Maybe the next time Mom says “Wear your helment” he’ll know I’m not just saying it to hear myself talk :bleep:

  2. Congrats on finishing another book! I’m still working on that myself, but it should happen soon. Hope the kiddo is okay. They always have to learn the hard way, unfortunately. 🙂

  3. Congratulations!!! Bummer about the kid, though. Did anything important leak out? (I assume he got a good crack on the noggin.)

  4. Congrats on finishing your book, Cece! That’s such a great feeling. :woot:

    Hope your son’s doing okay.

    Loved your promo topic, Cece. I can’t wait to see the results. I sent my answers to you in an email because they’re waaaaay too long to post here. 🙄

    As for the fae–I’m a nymph.

  5. I’m a Nymph. Down to earth, you refuse to let reality drag you down. Level headed :doh and a bit optimistic, you search for the silver lining in your storms and are a warm entity where the sun shines in you (NOT – I hate the sun)

    I’m also thoughtful, caring and hopeful. There were negatives there, but I’m optimistic that they were talking about someone else.

    Hope the kid is okay.

  6. Thanks everyone!! The kid is okay but still worrying me. Nothing leaked out but a few drops of blood. He’s still a bit off kilter this AM.

    Kelly they do and it seems he has to learn the hardest.

    Dennie…Party Time? Hell Yeah especially after this week! :dead:

    Daisy I saw that but I didn’t have a chance to read. I was running out the door. I don’t plan on staying here at work long.

  7. Mik dont sweat it. I alwasy know where to find you. :flirt:

    THanks Jill!!!!!!! :yippee: