Cece Needs

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Stolen from Jaye etc etc

You put your name and the word “Needs” in google and post the five funniest results. Here we go….

>>poor CeCe needs a fourth to round out her full set of cowboy boots (*snicker*)

>>CeCe needs to find her tamagotchi :wtf:

>>CeCe needs a new home! (no please GOD no more movingggggg)

>>Cece Needs Morphine :memememe:

>>CECE provides healthy, balanced meals for the children (they obviously haven’t eaten at my house)

A few more….

this sounds kinky John and CeCe can cater to all your needs :woot:

what cece really needs is to go stretch out on the couch……. :dead:

11 thoughts on “Cece Needs

  1. This is great! LOL

    1. Poor Kellie needs a few acting lessons. (Good thing I want to be an author and a model, huh, ’cause this isn’t the most confidence boosting phrase ever!) :wtf:

    2. Kellie needs a break (this is so, so soooo true!) :lighterup:

    3. kellie needs sex (I. Shit. You. Not! It really said that! Hubby might disagree!) :woohoo:

    4. Kellie needs to find enough time to work on her PhD, but hopefully with Trish’s assistance she will be able to do this (LOL, well, we’ll settle for finding time for writing, rather than PhD! But Trish, did you hear that…you’ve gotta assist me!) LOL :woot:

    5. Kelli needs a good critique (OUCH!!). :dead:

  2. Oh my GAWD, Cece! This was so much fun and addicting as hell. :memememe: Through this exercise I’ve learned that Daisy is apparently a very popular name for dogs! LOL

    Here’s some of what Daisy needs:

    1. Daisy needs to be the Alpha dog

    2. Daisy needs to find a new flat because hers is a rat infested shithole with drugged out squatters.

    3. Daisy needs money for shoes, and she can’t go home until she has 1500 pesos.

    4. Daisy needs a home that will let her “do her own thing”. She spends most of her time sleeping.

    5. Daisy needs the charm and grace that wealth provide but her position as a woman can only lead her there through the favor of powerful males

    6. Suddenly senile, Daisy needs Hoke’s help more than ever.

    7. Daisy needs to be an only pet, she is a “Princess” and since she has never had to share her space before

  3. What Danica needs is a vacation.

    No, that wasn’t in there, sadly enough. I’m afraid to look, since everyone seems to visit my blog because they think I’m Danica Patrick. 🙄

  4. OMG! This is a hoot!

    1.) Janice needs mental help. (Yep, this one came up #1–Imagine that!)

    2.) Janice needs to be locked up

    3.) Janice needs psychiatric help.

    4.) She (Janice) needs to be on medication.

    5.) Janice needs your help.

    Okay, I am definitely seeing a pattern here….ya think I’m a little psycho or what???? Bwwahhaaahaaahaaaa!

    Where’s that smiley with a straight jacket when you need it????

  5. :pimpn: Sunny Needs…
    1. a loan
    2. a Beach Grand Hotel
    3. little introduction
    4. your help
    5. name brand clothing

    Hey! Works for me! :moon:

  6. Ya’ll had way too much fun with this but so did i.

    >>kellie needs sex

    LOL Your poor hubby :flirt:

    >>Daisy needs a home that will let her “do her own thing”

    LOL I won’t tell your hubby :zipit:

    Danica…afraid to say this but I don’t know who Danica Patrick is :hideme:

    Janice you poor thing. I won’t tell the nursing folks 😎

    Sunny wouldn’t we all like a hotel? 😀