Can I Get A Countdown?

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Yeah yeah more lazy-ass blogging. I have nothing to blog about. How many times can I say it’s hot? 🙁

Instead I give you this……

Well suckage! I tried to embed it but it wouldn’t work. One is 30 seconds longer than the other, and I am a total Nip/Tuck Ho.
Nip/Tuck 1

Nip/Tuck 2

8 thoughts on “Can I Get A Countdown?

  1. Should I admit that I’ve never seen Nip/Tuck? No? Oh, come on, it’s isn’t as bad as Steph having NEVER seen even ONE episode of Star Trek. Or Buffy. Or Angel. 😎

  2. SHelli anytime!

    Larissa…definitely not as bad, but you know, try to rectify that soon, k hon? 😛

    Steph–if you’re out there I think TNT or USA shows Angel at like 6 am. Don’t ask how I know this.

    Mik….You should scope on FX–seriously.

    It’s like crack ya’ll. Though I will admit Prison Break is SO MUCH WORSE :ohmy: