By Damn!

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By Damn I’ve Got It!!!!

How to get a book deal in one easy step.

According to blogger, all you have to do is blog.

Back in the day, book deals were few and far between. You had to be a literary genius, a member of the super-elite writerly crowd, or some kind of insanely talented professional in your field. Then you needed an agent, a publicist, and a body of work to prove you had what it takes to be part of the chosen few, the noble, the proud, the published.

Now, you just need a blog and some chutzpah.


11 thoughts on “By Damn!

  1. Well, well, and here I thought it was hard to get published. But, in it’s defense, I think most of those are non-fiction or humor books. And I can see how it would have worked with Wil Wheaton – if I had the money (Star Trek had to have paid him something) then getting the book published yourself and blogging about it so your fans could buy it would lead to something. See, he already had a built in fan base.

  2. well shee-it – I could have saved a lot of postage had I known this sooner – LOL

    (I like what Marty said…) me too then – LOL!

  3. If I had known it was so easy I sure as hell wouldn’t have bothered to er I dunno, WRITE A BOOK!!!!!!! :crazy:

  4. :wth: They’ve got to be :bleep: kidding! Okay, I’ve got the blog. All I need is to get some chutzpah, and finally I’ll have that 6-figure check and my name will be in every hot book list of every bookstore. :loser: