Burning the Fat Clothes

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So, last Tuesday on The Biggest Loser, everyone burned some of their fat clothes. After reading this blog post at Raine’s, it got me to wondering…what would happen if I went out and burned all my old rejections?

Oh I know! I’d get audited by the IRS! LOL

That said, I do belive there’s something special about shedding things that can symbolically hold us back. Agree? Disagree?

PS Finished Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games last week. It totally rocked!!!

3 thoughts on “Burning the Fat Clothes

  1. I’m a big believer in letting go of worn-out and out-grown items, conditions, etc. Make space for what you need now, not what you needed 10 years ago. Hanging onto the past can really blind you to the present or to new, creative possibilities.

  2. You know Charli I find that the older I get, the easier it is for me to get rid of stuff! But I still have all those old rejections Hmmmm

  3. I get rid of old things in interims. Like, I have to be in the mood for it or something. And definitely need to do more of it more often.

    If I burned all my old rejections/mss, etc.?
    I can see the fire department arriving now…lol! 🙂