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>>LOVE the new colors and such!

Thanks Sasha!

Yes……..I got bored. I still have tweaking to do and the purple might not stay up very long but at least I’m not so bored anymore :memememe:

15 thoughts on “Bored-ed

  1. Great new look, Cece! Definitely eye-catching. :woot:

    Tinkering with a blog and giving it a look all your own is fun–as long as you don’t accidentally delete some obscure, miniscule, but very necessary scrap of coding that screws everything up so bad that it leaves you with a useless, hideous page of crap that looks like hieroglyphs without the pretty pictures and takes almost all night to correct and you end up feeling like a completely lamebrained idiot. :yell:

    Hmm…three guess how I know this. :poof:

  2. It was those CSL (cocksuckinglips) that caught my eye. 😉

    May I suggest one thing though? The links to the rest of your site are very dark, a bit hard to see. 🙂

    Could be I’m blind too. 🙂

  3. Thanks everyone! It was a lot of fun to just play around with somethign different.

    LOL Sasha I call ’em DSL’s (same diff). And nope you’re not blind the links ARE too dark but that’s on my to do list sometime this weekend.

    Dasiy…been there, cried a river over that honey. :dead: