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Honeslty, I didn’t do such a good job of keeping up with my reading this year….but I’ll give it a whirl. Wow what a small list–especially compared to how many I bought and/or got at RWA nationals! My TBR Pile is bursting at the seams and I got a gift card from my lovely CP for Christmas.

Lynn Viehl’s Darkyn Books 1-3 (Yes I KNOW I’m behind!)
Lisa Gardner Gone (SOOOOO Much better than Alone)
Jami Alden’s Delicious
Noelle Mack’s Juicy (DNF)
Rachel Caine’s Morganville Vamps books 1-2
Steph Tyler’s Coming Undone and Risking it All
Sydney Croft’s Riding the Storm
Scott Westerfeld’s Extras (I’m reading it now! Thank you Santa….funny enough my agent is ALSO a Westerfeld fan!)
Vicki Petterson’s The Scent of Shadows and The Taste of the Night (fangirl squeal)
Lisa Scottoline’s Dirty Blonde
Karin Tabke’s Good Girl Gone Bad
PC and Kristen Cast’s Marked and Betrayed
Megan Hart’s Dirty (I WISH I could write first person this good)

By and far I think I read more YA than anything else…along with more paranormal. The only thing I think I walked away from is City of Bones(also YA). It’s a good book, if a bit slow for my taste, but I’ll definitely give it another try.

Wow…only 19 books! I’m pretty sure that’s better than last year (which was like 13), but next year….I’ll do better 🙂

15 thoughts on “Books Read in 2007

  1. I’m trying to squeeze in two more reads before I say goodbye to 2007. I think I’m sitting at 64 books for the year at present (just finished Once Bitten, Twice Shy by Jennifer Rardin (sp) last night). Fun book. 🙂

  2. Hi Amie! Its Cathie. Long tim since I visited. Long story but glad to come by!. One thing I’m doing this year is keeping a journal (list) of what I’ve read because I can tell you some books I read but too I forget details (titles, etc) so I talk more about what I recently read! So hopefully next year I can add alot more here 🙂 I can think of a few right now of recent reads:

    HALFWAY TO THE GRAVE-Jeannie Frost (Urban Fantasy with a great (hot) romance!
    WOLF TALES-Kate Douglas, yum! and SO Many of the Aphrodosia books and authors! I don’t want to miss naming any! Sadly I haven’t had the j oy to get all I wanted to yet, including yours Amie 🙁 Yell at my hubby!
    Medevial Triology (LILY AND THE SWORD, THE ROSE AND THE SHIELD, ONCE HE LOVES)- New historical author I found.
    DARK LOVER-JR Ward (I know, I got more to catch up on)
    BEG FOR MERCY-Toni Andrews (Urban Fantasy. This is a new genre for me to read, but I’m enjoying it. I prefer with a storng romance in them but don’t know if they have til I read them, but finding them fun with the bubbling romances)
    DEVANE FILES by Denyse Bridger (erotic fictionhistorical mysteries), so different but so good!

    Books from many different ebook publishers as well as print publishers.
    I know there’s more both prints and ebooks, but these were some recent I remember. I’m looking forward to logging it in for next year. I like to do that more so for what I read, not how many, there are some people, that I’d never keep up with

    This was fun to chat about them Amie!

  3. Oh PS, I did get BUILT and its on the keepers shelf!! It was exciting to read you since your ebooks! I loved how the h ero was our everyday man! Reminded me lot sof my hubby, a mechanic 🙂 Loved the Texas setting and D’Angelo! He was so good! Yum and the heroine, loved her strengths, her spunk! They were perfect together! I shall put up a review for you on Amazon! They were all good! Bonnie had Jake’s story, brother from the PURE SEX anthology. Jami was a new read and looking forward to more of hers!

  4. Cathy!! Hey sweetness! It’s so good to hear from you!!!! I’m so glad you liked Kink—i HART D’Angelo too *swoon*

    I JUST ordered Halfway to the Grave!! (and Moon Called, Kitty and the Midnight Hour, Ill Wind, Sebastian (a parnaormal…author name escapes me but it looks good), THe Girl She Left Behiind (Becuse I was DYING for some Women’s fic), and Kay Hoopers Blood Dreams (she’s an auto-buy for me!).

    I’m going to do a much better job of keeping track of my reading in 08!!

    I’m really enjoying UF too!!! I guess because I write ER, the lack of romance doesn’t bother me so much.

    And as for books, stop by tomorrow I may give some away (even though I’m actually blogging at NAS I figure it’s a good way to ring in the New Year)

  5. Tanya…DONT. I feel underread because I read so FEW!

    Scottline was a new to me author,..the ending was a bit tidy for my taste but I’ll definitely be giving her another try.

  6. Well, I have over 100 books read (all listed on e-HQN’s 10,000 Book blog). I haven’t listed the ones I’ve read in the past week or so though. Is it any wonder I didn’t get any more writing done? 😳

  7. Oh, I forgot about Coming Undone! I loved that one! I have the second book in my monster TBR.

  8. Hi Amie!!!! Great to chat with you!
    Oh you got some good shopping going. I do have the first in the series, MOON CALLED. She’s a mechanic, which my huby is, and I started reading some and told myself I had to get it. I really been into reading the first person with the urban fantasy books. Most I read, have some romance interest or event happening. ut true, I can go so into it that I forget that I only read ‘romance’ LOL. I think its different that mystery (that I’m burned out of) because we know who’s involved through it al l and just so eventful! Do you think you’d want to write some UF? I didn’t think I’d like it, ut I was so wrong!

    You must tell me what you think of HALFWAY TO THE GRAVE. I’m looking forward to book two, I think March or April. I never read Kay Hooper so you’ll have to let me know how that goes. I hear alot of good things about her books. I love chatting books between your books! I’m going to enjoy it here. I had so much fun with the cat pics on here. I was laughing so hard.

    Gee sorry I’m bbabbling on and on. Great to be here! PS My “B” key is not always working so if you can’t understand a word, put a B in it, LOL

  9. Lynn, I heard about that Harlequin goal for 100 books. Is it just for Harlequin books or any publishers? I started the journal today so I can start logging in what I’m reading. This is a fun goal to have!. ANd nice to meet you Lynn!

  10. LOL Duly noted on the B key Cathie and no problemo.

    My dad and my brother were mechanics!!! Now they’re both truck drivers 😀

    I LOVE Kay Hooper–you should definitely give her Bishop FBI series a try. They totally rock. Suspense and paranormal (and romance!).

    Moi write uban fantasy? *blinkblink* as a matter of fact….so stay tuned 😀 He he I bet you thought I was going to say no huh

    I’m hoping to have my decks cleared by Thursday so I can get some reading in this week!!!!! I’ll report back for sure!

  11. And Cathie now that you got me started….I think the thing that keeps me going about UF is the character growth–in Suspense, which I also love, it’s usually about the mystery whereas in urban fantasy, even if there is a mystery etc, its usually much more about personal character growth–like in romance–I think that might be some of the reason it works so well for me.

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