Bitchy Observation

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Something I learned from my mother, and perfected with the ex: The more you bitch and moan and nag at me about something, the less I give a shit and the less I hear you. :biteme:

So what did you learn from your Mom? :meow:

9 thoughts on “Bitchy Observation

  1. I don’t think she intended this lesson, because she never verbalized it, but one of the most poignant things I learned from my mother was that Life goes on whether we show up or not. So I’ve shown up a lot for my own.

    I asked my son to give me an honest answer to the same question, and his response: Old and treacherous always beats youth and skill – ROFLMAO! (Yes, I’m a Scorpio.)

    :woot: Then he quoted me: It’s just Life…they can’t eat you.

    :wth: – lol – and from there it went to hell: Sometimes reverse psychology makes the kid backwards. Okay…enough, Son.

    I’ve warped him for all eternity. He’s in another room now, still slandering me. Have a good day, girl.

  2. Mom used to say some shit about picking yourself up and dusting yourself off and it used to make me want to slap the shit out of her :hushup:

    BTW Mom was a scorp too. :hideme:

    >>It’s just Life…they can’t eat you.

    LOL I always say, “What are they gonna do, reject you?” ….or hang up on you or…substitute appropriate word. In other words, quit being such a fucking weenie, a’ight! 😎

  3. My mom is an Aries, and my ascendant is in Aries. We’re like to rams locking horns. 😆 But one thing I learned from mom is to be pro-active. Instead of bitching and moaning about my problems, I should do something. There’s always a way to solve a problem. It’s a matter to find a way. :die: Never fall for boredom. She also taught me there’s no excuse to be irresponsible – not even when I’m sick.

  4. She said, “The older you get, the more you look at the front, instead of the back.” (in reference to a man, of course, lol)

  5. I am an Aries, my mom’s a virgo, I know nothing of that stuff…:???: she was a workaholic, I’m a workaholic, but by observation? ranting at men is a waste of breath, lying to yourself is a waste of life, and waiting on someone to give you something or fix something is a waste of energy. In other words, women end up doing it themselves :wth:. 99% of things we can’t control and life isn’t going to change to suit us. You get what you go after most of the time and not going after anything is surefire way to stay in a misrable rut. :tater: And, life is short, very short, you get one shot at it so make your regrets few and try for your dreams, even if you fall short or fall flat, you took a shot at it.:uzi:

  6. tempest your mom is right…my motto is you can bitch all you want but when you finally STFU you better go do something about it, otherwise STFU :kiss:

    Marty LOL! I think this is true though I still look at the back too–I have a forearm thing going on and well I’m a sucker for pretty eyes.

    My ex is a virgo and I don’t get on well with them. But Evie you are so wise :woot: for you

  7. In the past, when I’ve droned on and on about a boyfriend, agonizing over whether I should stay or leave, my mom always listened patiently, giving comments here and there. In the end, it always boiled down to: “People don’t change, Rachelle. Either you accept it or move on.”

    So, when I spiral downward into over-analyzing, I always think of her words. Because, it really is that simple.

  8. My mom’s favorite saying is “Life is what you make it.” I HATED when she said that to me, but it totally makes sense now. :fly:

  9. I learned how to be a hipocrate – she would always tell us not to smoke then go hide in her room and puff like crazy on mentholed cigs – I learned how to compare myself to EVERYone – and be glad when they are worse off – “Is she still fatter then me …good!”

    Oh she SO warped me –

    she won’t read this right?!?!? LOL