Behind the Book & When Randy Laughs

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This weeks’ behind the book is with one of my favorite people–Mary Fetcher (writing as MJ Fredrick), so stop on by! (and read her sale story–it’s not to be missed)

Otherwise not much going on. I did finish Kitty Goes to Washington and I think I actually loved it more than the first book. I’m dying for the third but it’s crunch time so it’s all writing all the time for the next month!

MY AI recap is below the cut

When Randy laughs you KNOW it’s going to be bad. And damn he was bad last night. It was Inspirational Songs and I have to say it was um, interesting.

1. Michael Johns “Dream On” – He sounded good, I don’t agree w/Randy on the pitch problems but I do agree w/Simon…I like it better when MJ does the blues.

2. Syesha “I Believe” – I totally don’t agree w/Randy and thought it was much better than okay. She gave me chills 🙂

3. Jason Castron “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” – Hmmm I thought it was sweet and nice and different but kinda weird a little.

4. Kristi Lee Cook “Anyway” – While is is NOT my fave Martina song, I thought this was the perfect song for her–funny enough I agree w/Paula but I didn’t write down what she said 😀

5. David Cook “Innocent” – I agree w/Randy…I totally didn’t get this one at all but I wasn’t familiar with the song.

6. Carly “The Show Must Go On” – I fast forwarded because I didn’t think it was great and I didn’t get it at all 🙁

7. David A “Angels” — OH look another ballad

8. Brooke White “You’ve Got a Friend” – not her best performance but definitely heartfelt and that’s what sold me.

Overall I don’t think anyone SUCKED (except david cook sorry ya’ll) so it’s hard to say who’s going home. Based on last night’s performances I’d say Michael Johns, or Carly.

Sooooooo did anyone watch the end of The Biggest Loser? Didja hu? The girls totally kicked ass!!!!!!! TOTALLY! And yes I cried when I saw Kelli’s weight loss for the week. She’s always struck me as the weakest link because she didn’t believe in herself so it was especially moving for me.

4 thoughts on “Behind the Book & When Randy Laughs

  1. You know, now I want to go to youtube and waste an hour watching clips from AI, but I’m going to be a good girl and continue writing for the next 15 minutes before picking up my son. I do tend to fast forward through a lot of the songs. Okay, back to writing.

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