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Interesting conversation with small children on Saturday. We dropped the dog at the groomers and hit Borders. It was my b’day weekend and I wanted some new books. I’m standing in the romance section and #2 child makes fun of…the romances. I send him away and then he comes back a few minutes later with #1 child and they start up again. I send them away again. Finally, I’m getting ready to check out and I look at both my kids and say, “Those romances you were making fun of? They paid for the braces in your mouths.”


Was digging through an old wip the other day. Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with this sentence and would you like to guess just how old this WIP is?

I wander the aisles with my headphones and CD walkman on, hoping no one will talk to me.  

On the happy side, I discovered this manuscript is actually in pretty good shape. The opening chapter needs work (as does the synopsis), but I think it’s something my agent can totally shop.  And somewhere I have the opening few pages of the second book (it’s a two-book project).

2 thoughts on “Behind the Book

  1. Well, grammatically, the sentence is correct (although purists would tell you to move the participial phrase to the “I” — I don’t hold with that, as stylistically, it works at the end). Walkman should be capitalized, as a brand name, I think.

    Um . . . five years. 😉

  2. LOL Linda…… was the Walkman I was referring to–and four years. You were darned close lady. Hard to believe that things have changed THAT MUCH in FOUR years. I know they still sell CD Walkmans but most people use iPods!