Bad Bad Bad Bad Week

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PLeaseeeeeeeeee come cheer me up people!

Not only did I (haha) celebrate my last 30-something birthday on Monday, the ex called and asked how I liked turning 40. Not nice dude. Not nice.  🙁

Then this morning I had to get up and go pick up school schedules.

High School. I have a *sob* Freshman.


And my baby is going to Jr. High. *waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*

13 thoughts on “Bad Bad Bad Bad Week

  1. You want cheer?

    Look at it this way.
    I’ll always be older than you. 😉

    More good news?
    The ex is just that.
    An EX. 😀

  2. I’m a bit behind you on the school front, but my baby girl just started Kindergarten and none of my friends have school age kids yet. 🙁 I don’t think I’m anywhere near ready to handle Jr or High School. Be brave. 🙂

  3. Ok, remember I have a freshman, too. And, he’s my youngest. So, you have a lot more fun ahead of you!

    Oh, and I’m still always going to be older than you as well. :-0

  4. My babygirl turned 26 this month, and it wasn’t as bad as when she had my grandson- My Son is 28, father of 3 step father of a 14 yr old-but I recall the highschool jr high thing wif my kids-must say it was so hectic with wrestling, chior and band, yada, that it simply seemed like in those years we always had 15-16 kids in our apartment who looked like grown ups lol, consuming lots of food, playing video games and talking about girls-or boys-and always needing a ride home. Since I worked evenings then, I would drag home from work and just groan when I opened the apt door lol. spend the rest of the evening trying to figure out which kids were mine and which needed to get home.
    Those earmarks (sp) is what gets you, first day of those BIg schools, graduation day you’ll cry your eyes out, oh and wait til they do the BIg proms too…..and then you get to worry all over again when they are (adults) and you don’t get to send them to their room or ground them. You’ve got plenty more to look forward to, so enjoy this madness and being the Mom of of middler schooler and a freshman, lol
    hugs hugs hugs

  5. You asked him how Viagra was working out for him, right? *eg* And if he’d read any of your books for helpful hints to keep his current relationship?

    Sorry you had a rough week. It’s been a rough one over here, too, which makes me wonder what’s in the water. Or the stars. Must be something. Sending you happy thoughts.

  6. >>and then you get to worry all over again when they are (adults)

    *sigh* Eve I’m coming to realize that. The older they get the more they’re letting go.

    (((CHarli))) I remember taking my kids to Kindegarten. I actually didn’t get to take #1–and cried. I took #2…and cried. I guess it never really gets easier huh? All we can do is raise them up and pray (and in my case keep the fridge stocked LOL)

  7. Happy Birthday! . . . Happy Birthday! . . . Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! to you. . . .

    if it helps you enjoy someone else’s misery, I spent the day w/ the BIL and SIL and N&N AND the MIL :-O (for hours today and scheduled for HOURS Sunday!)

  8. I cannot believe I missed your birthday! I am so sorry!!!! Happy, happy belated birthday!

    And hang in there with the new Freshman in your life. High School years can be fun. And kids really never go away. Trust me on this.