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So I’m surfing the ‘net looking for info on how to remove the backsplash in my kitchen. Its’ incredibly ugly as is the countertop (which is going too). I wanna remove it and eventually tile above new countertops with some talavera tile.

I found this piece of lovely advice at the Bob Villa message board.

rip it out! don’t be scared. its just drywall.

:yell: Yeah……….I’m scared.

6 thoughts on “Backsplash

  1. I’m with Kel.
    Be very afraid.
    I tangled with drywall when trying to replace a few bathroom tiles.
    It wasn’t pretty. 😯

  2. You know… I heard (from the hubby so don’t know how reliable) that Bob Villa could barely screw in a light bulb much less know how, why, where to actually help w/ your backslpash. He was a show piece for the show – don’t know why – just reporting :hideme:

    Have you asked any of the cuties at Home Depot? :flirt: