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This gem comes from a married 35 YO Man (side note: I have like negative kazillion intollerance for cheating).

I’m a good looking man who simply hasn’t been taken care of like I need to be. I stand about 6ft, short hair, clean shaven, strong hands and arms, (been told I have a nice rear too, but I don’t look at it that often…)

Blah blah blahhhhhhh welcome to the big setup. Note the words “haven’t been taken care of”. I have sirens going off on my head. Ladies, ladies, ladies DO NOT fall for bullshit like this. He’s lying out his allegedly nice ass.

Married strictly because I don’t want to loose contact with my children, and I know she’ll move off and make it impossible for me to have a relationship with them if I do. There’s no love left there, no friendship either… She’s basically a roommate at this point.

:loser: I won’t get a divorce because I make a shitload of money and I don’t want to pay my fat :hushup: cow wife any child support. She has no clue how much I hate her. It’s not my fault she got fat after the kids. She thinks we’re still happily married and when I call saying I have to work late, I’m realy up here at the job having cyber sex with my internet girlfriend. Then again, it’s very possible that she’s the actual breadwinner in the family while I’m pulling in a shade above minimum wage as a manager at Micky D’s.

I’m a very nice/decent person, and this is not a position I ever thought I’d be in… Because of my situation, I cannot have a normal relationship until my kids are old enough to choose to live with me (which they will, trust me!)

Well of course they will you poor wittew victim!!!!!!!! I believe you. :meow:

I’ll take NSA, if that’s all I can find, but I’m also looking to find woman who can provide me a friendship with some extra benefits. Give me a chance, and I’ll show you just how “worth it” I can be. You’ll be very happy I’m your “friend”.

I’m not sure what NSA is but I have a feeling it’s not THE NSA. However I think it’s safe to deduct that he’s talking about :woohoo: . He’d really like to find a long-term :hushup:- buddy, until he gets tired of you and decides to find a new one. You will be very happy he’s your friend until he :hushup:you over like he’s doing his wife.

:heythere: bye-bye

18 thoughts on “Back to Business

  1. What makes me angriest about this jerk’s ad is that there are so many poor, lonely, pathetic, desperate women who’d happily jump at the chance to be his “friend.” Ugh.

    They’ll be elated when they read his ad, convinced that they alone can save him from his sad, tortured love-starved existence. They can nurture him, mother him, and provide all those skin-to-skin “extras” the poor baby’s been deprived of for so long in his loveless sham of a marriage.

    This f*ing bozo knows women and their insecurities well enough to say exactly what so many of them long to hear. I’d like to string this sucker up by his (insert part of male anatomy here), tie him to the bumper of my car and go for a rip-roaring joy ride.

    Whew. Okay…back to working on my lighthearted romantic comedy manuscript now. LOL

  2. Nameless Sexual Adventures?

    Daisy you are SOOOOOOOOO RIght babes…

    There’s a special place in hell for men like him.

  3. First thing I thought of (other than the fact that this guy has his picture beside the word loser :loser: in the dictionary), was that NSA was No Sex Allowed. He’ll take it if “that’s all he can find.”

    I’ll help him find the bottom of my shoe when it connects to various parts of his anatomy.

  4. I might be wrong, but NSA could stand for No Strings Attached. Just a thought, and it would fit. This guy is a real piece of work. Only not so much!

  5. Yes, what Daisy said. And you know the really scary part? Some idiot woman is going to go after him and stay with him, because even though he’s said that he ain’t leaving his wife, she’s going to think she’ll be able to give him enough love to make it worthwhile. Plus, you know he’s still boinking his wife. :woohoo:

    All I can say is that anyone dumb enough to date him better use two condoms, not just one.

  6. Carol enjoy!

    Gina I think you’re right–no strings attached.

    Danica all I can do is shake my head. There are so many of them out there. Married and living with a “roommate” HA or “they have an arrangement”

  7. “Meat Musket”???!! 😯

    This has one other pet peeve of mine…the proverbial “I’m just staying in the relationship because of the children”.
    Yeah, you’re doing a BIG favor to the kids, buddy…giving them a prime example of what an unloving marriage should be like is gonna assure their stable relationships in the future alright. 🙄

  8. Am I wrong for thinking I need that guys addy ???


    Hey CECE got to play with the hubby’s ‘puter while he’s at cub scouts – woohoo! :heythere: I get a whole hour online today – if he – being the hubby – doesn’t get my dammed computer fixed soon 😡 I might really be looking for that guy’s addy :flirt:

    Can’t wait to Caglecise!


  9. Jill they have evolved. But one does have to wonder why they evolved to the point they had two brains but never learned how to use both simultaneously.

    *ducking before Gregg and Os get me*