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Last night–no writing. Got up at 6 am, wrote around this huge plot lump that’s pivotal. I”m totally not happy with it, but the story is moving foward. Two pages. Hoping for more tonight but must work on page proofs this afternoon (and get haircut). I’ve decided to try and check in daily with my writing progress in an attempt to be …you got it…Accountable.

4 thoughts on “Awwwwwww

  1. I think I need to do that too… check in so I’ve at least written SOMETHING, even on my really super long work days I can at least write a page, right?

  2. I’m writing, at least a page today… two, maybe three, even though I could use a nappy right now. LOL

    By the way, I fixed my uh effed up comments form. you can now see your text LOL Doh!