Authors Behaving Badly

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No no no, I’m not talking about what’s going on out in the blogosphere. I have a novella I have to put in the mail in eight days so I’m ignoring all those PSA’s they keep interrupting me with.

What I’m here to talk about is when we don’t listen to our characters, like we know we should and how it can bite our :moon:

I had a long and interesting (and unexpected) conversation with D’Angelo last night and this is probably the high point of what he had to say……..

So you want to know how I could fall in love with a woman like Cherise? Now see, this is where you, the writer, lost control. It’s not about you, it’s about me–and Cherise. You are not the driver, we are. And if you had paid attention, you wouldn’t be in this mess now.

I am not the driver. I am the vehicle. :notworthy:
I am not the driver. I am the vehicle. :notworthy:

Cherise…she’s so pretty on the outside but on the inside, she’s not always pretty. …. you know what?

I ain’t that pretty on the inside either. And I like what we do cause it’s hot and nasty sometimes.

:wowee: So are you honey!

10 thoughts on “Authors Behaving Badly

  1. So. Which one of your books are we getting?
    No really. You’ve got what, three releases on your ‘titles’ page? What the fuck’s it going to hurt, even if we trash ONE of them to hell? If we do, we’re just a bunch of dumbitches who haven’t got a clue. And if we, by some stroke of luck, LIKE your shit…well, marketting GOLD, baby!

    Either way, thanks for the visit. Me or BB’ll be back in a few days? a week? to hassle you some more. You might as well just send us a fucking book.

  2. πŸ˜• Oh Lawd! The Lit Sass Bitches were here? Run, hide! Run and hide! Give them Once in a Blue Moon! That book is gonna go down as one of my ultimate favs!

    Great post! Thanks! This is my new mantra
    I am not the driver. I am the vehicle.
    I am not the driver! Shite! LOL! I don’t even know how to drive. Thanks again! Oooh! I finished my current wip! I am so excited! :fly:

  3. ‘Kay…I have NO idea what the comments are about, so I’ll just say I’m glad D straightened things out fer ya, lol!
    Now get busy. :woot:

  4. Book Whore I love ya’lls blog!!!! :kiss:

    You’ll get something I have no idea what. Shawn votes for OIABM but honestly, its a love it/hate it story, so I’m still dithering.

    Shawn you are so good for my writer’s ego–and CONGRATS on finishing the WIP!!!!!!

    Shelli….Denise….sometimes I fail to remember that.

    Raine…I’ll send you the link since Book Whore didn’t leave her link behind :memememe:

    PS D can straighten me out anytime. :woohoo:

  5. I pay more attention when they run around nekkid.

    I am not the driver, I am the vehicle.

    Oh good, that means when it runs into a brick wall it’s not my fault. :yippee: