At One With Nature

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This morning I woke up around 5:30 to the sound of thunder.  Not the huge, make you jump out of your skin BOOMS, stormbut  rumbling that drew me out of bed.  You see, the dogs ripped into the bags of mulch and dirt I’d bought over the weekend and stored on the back porch.  I went outside, scooped up all the dirt (I’m ASSUMING that Lola was eating it cuz it smelled like Poo #dogfail) and looked up.

It’s still dark out but there’s enough light from the houses around to illuminate the clouds the tiniest bit and I’m standing there just taking it all in.  The wind is blowing just a little and not too far away a bird is singing.  These long, low rumbles of thunder are bouncing around in the sky one after the other, seperated only by the lightening that muted by the clouds.

It was all amazingly….lowkey.

I’m over at SFC today talking tech dreams and days gone by.

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2 thoughts on “At One With Nature

  1. Were you home at around 8:30 when we did have one of the huge BOOM thunderclaps? I was getting ready for work then and it actually shook the whole house. It didn’t just rattle the windows…it SHOOK THE FLOORS. I love thunderstorms, but even my heart beat a little faster over that one.