As soon As

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I say this, I’ll have something to blog about. :flirt:
I have nothing to blog about.
I’m also feeling a bit anti-social, so I think I’m gonna lay low for a few days.

In the mean time the September contest ends …well …the end of September but I’m starting a Halloween one. All you have to do is sign up for The Shout Out…

And this ends my pathetically shameless self promotion. :memememe:

12 thoughts on “As soon As

  1. Well of course you’re feeling anti-social, Cece! You’re a writer and that’s what we do! And better than many others I might add. 😯

    Once again it appears that we’re on the same wavelength. My latest blog post, “Does Not Play Well With Others,” talks about the…um…unique…personalities of writers. We’re just an odd, quirky bunch and sometimes we simply need to be alone.

    Pamper yourself with chocolate, my dear, and just be good to yourself until you feel like playing again. We’ll be here in the sandbox waiting. 😎

  2. I’m finding it hard to post in my blog lately too. Enjoy your down time. You know we’ll be here waiting when you return. You know … 😆 that sounded a bit stalkerish upon re-reading it!

  3. Thanks ladies!
    Daisy we’ve got to stop blogging like this :hideme:

    We’ve all been sick (nothing major though) and I’ve got to finish this novella so I can start the third. The hold up being trying to write a 3-some with kids hanging on me. Oh yeah that’s gonna happen. :woohoo:

    I’m grumpy. It’s time for them to go visit thier dad.

  4. thanks Tess 🙂

    Chailyn what a pretty name! I love it. And thanks for stopping by. I don’t even want to think about Nano :crazy: I have nothing new to start. If anything, I need to FINISH something.