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What the hell is Twitter?

Uh we had RWA this weekend. Our guest speaker, Tracy Garrett spoke about rejection. Interestingly enough about two weeks ago I got the best rejection of my life. Sounds weird but totally true 🙂

Afterward Lynn and I skipped off to BN to shop for books write. Okay, so we did both! I mean, come on. It’s a bookstore, people. Must stop buying books. I bought two at the grocery store last month. Two at Target a few weeks ago (none of which I’ve READ), ordered Shiloh’s new book which I started in the Ortho office last week (and BTW I paid OFF the braces WOOT!!!). And picked up the following books on Saturday:

Don't let the lipstick fool you

Cinderella Lopez

Kitty takes a Vacation
Kitty and the Silver Bullet

The Nymphos of Rocky Flats
Kiss of Fire
and this one.

Plus one more I can’t remember AND I came home from the chapter meeting with a few books. Six paranormals, one Latina Lit and one Non-fic.
*hangs head in shame*

14 thoughts on “Answer Me This (and books)

  1. Hmmm. You’re missing Feast of Fools. Which I already read, TYVM. Ok, now when is the next one coming, because it totally leaves you hanging!

    I did write some more on Saturday night and some on Sunday. So, I earned my book. (Yes, I only bought one, because I had already bought like 6 a couple of days before…) Yeah, I need to learn where the Library is.

  2. LOL HOney we both need to find the library–quick!

    I knew I’d forgotten FOF! I just couldn’t remember what I’d forgotten 😀

  3. Ok, I looked up when the next one comes out. We have to wait until January! 7-8 months! Lord of Misruse or something like that.

    **sigh** I never knew I could be so hooked on YA.

  4. I just boxed up books for the library and I really should’ve been more ruthless. I know there are books sitting on my shelves right now that I’ll never read. Sigh. Of course, that didn’t stop me from picking up the new Simon Green book, THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN TORC at the bookstore this weekend.

  5. um…what is twitter?

    I know I am like fuzzledbrained this last few days, but I have no clue.

    The cable guy’s coming on the morrow, so gotta go clean my room 🙂 (upgrading getting Showtime–woohoo!)

  6. You have time to read? I’m jealous.

    According to Google, Twitter is a social networking utility.

    If you end up with time to Twitter, I’m going to be *really* jealous.

  7. Dennie the A/C guy is coming tomorrow. The A/C is dripping/not draining!

    Linda NOOOOOOOOOOO I don’t!!!!!!!!

    LOL@Time to Twitter

    I am ashamed Raine Truly!

  8. Mmmm, booookkksss. : D Twitter is like 1-2 sentence blogging. Fun. You can add the Twitter app to your Facebook account if you have one, and then when you tweet it updates your Facebook “what I’m doing” thingie.

  9. Ames, I have the A/C guys coming again on thursday (to take ALL MY MONEY!) sheesh. Hope yours is an easy fix–half the neighborhood is out (not surprising since they were all built by the same people at the same time–can you cheap-ass–piece–of–shee-it–group–rate?!?!?!)


  10. I had to cancel my hair appt AND the vet appt (who can afford to shot the cats when you have to pay to fix the A/c?? (they’re going next week)

    O’course the dishwasher is still broke and it’s just gonna have ot wait 🙁

  11. >>Mmmm, booookkksss

    Charli EXACTLY!!!!!!!!

    >>Twitter is like 1-2 sentence blogging

    LOL Ok something about that just cracks me up! But it does sound fun (not now though. Now I write)