Another Government Scandal

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From Funreports 8/25/05:

The Prime Minister of the country[Thailand], Thaksin Shinawatra, asked this question to the ministers point-blank during the session of the government on Tuesday: “Tell me, who did that?” The question took the high-ranking officials by surprise.

So what’s the beef?

Someone had a penis enlargement…….oh to have Thailand’s small problems. 😎

Sorry ya’ll, I had nothing worthwhile to blog about. Saturday was RWA meeting and Behind the Muses on FARChatters. Today was crack the whip on the kids day :yell:

2 thoughts on “Another Government Scandal

  1. I know a few politicians who could use bigger balls. But that’s another story. :zipit:

    Um…Ames…this same site has a story called “Cat Rapes Woman After Performing Oral Sex On Her”.
    Guess ya gotta watch how you play with the pussy. :meow: