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I have a question……..I have a character named D’Angelo which he hates…..he goes by D….would that annoy you as a reader to just have a character called by a letter?

Yeah yeah I owe you a blog post about my arms…Jaye–I saw that! 😛

8 thoughts on “Annoyed?

  1. Nope…at least I can pronounce it. If I have to stop and work it out in my head, that’s a different story, lol

  2. Is D’Angelo de dildo under de bed? And is dat why de arm hurts?

    No, it wouldn’t bother me.


  3. JR Ward seems able to get away with it. As long as he’s the only “D” name in the story, I think you’re good to go.

  4. LOL Marty I’d say D is pretty easy to pronounce–and I”m with you on the name thing!

    Jaq…. :die: right in the kisser!

    Thanks ladies!