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Okay I’m so easily amused I realized I could do this: NAS(ty). Yes I’m twisted and cheap to boot.

Anyway, Harlequin and Avon author Cindy Kirk has a great post up on stealing ideas. Ya’ll stop by and check it out.

Otherwise all is quiet here. I’ve OD’ed on TV this week and I’ve got lots left to watch (on the DVR) but Bionic Woman was a hit for me–how about all of you? I LOVED the BSG actors appearances especially after learning the creator is the same guy who re-did Battlestar Gallactica (squeeeeeeeeee)

I had a huge epiphany on the WIP and I’m heading out to Starbucks tonight and tomorrow night to get away from not-so-small children and get some writing done. Lynn…..Dennie…….Mik if ya’ll feel like driving to Arlington and joining me, drop me a line.

Ohhhhh I have to tell ya’ll what I did last Sunday. I cleaned out my closet. This is a bit of that “taking control of my life” that goes along with being positive, losing weight and making hay while the sun shines. I have to take back control of my life and quit letting this or that thing slide. One area that has been sadly lacking is the cleaning of my house. I will never be a neat-freak like my mother, however it is time to de-clutter (thank you Karin T).

Sooooo I cleaned out my closet and not only got rid of a bunch of stuff that didn’t fit, I got rid of stuff I should be shot for wearing any further than ten feet from my front door. The ARC (asso. for retarded citizens) is coming by next week so I’ll put it all out then, along with the 50-100 paperback books and anything that gets cleaned out of the garage this weekend because THAT is Saturday’s project.

7 thoughts on “…and over at NAS

  1. BTW Denise I came home and cleaned out the freezer. Do you want all the old bags of veggies I bought and never used (and threw out)?

  2. I need to clean out my closet. I need to purge my entire house. Where does all this crap come from?

    I have a couple of shows on my DVR I need to watch this weekend. Hopefully I get to them!

  3. Tanya as soon as I get a handle on it, I’ll start sending. Right now it just seems to be a backstory vomit. :crazy:

    Karen….don’t get overwhelmed. Just do one room at a time…even if it’s a closet one day and then the bookshelves another day and so on. It’s WONDERFUL!

    I wish I”D taken a pic of my closet and garage before and after! The garage is SO CLEAN! I’m exhausted but I got rid of a lot of stuff and got lots of organization out there. I have to wait for garbage day to get rid of some of it, some of it I’ll have to take to work and throw away in the dumpster then some will get picked up on Wednesday.