And Because I Have Nothing Else To Do

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But blog fifty times a day. I should really save some of these for when I have nothing but screw it.

Larissa has set up a TBR Callendar!

And that reminded me of something I was thinking about the other day. I have an aversion to anything that gets tons of hype–books, movies, music, doesn’t matter. If it’s in my face, I tend to avoid it. It’s nothing personal; it’s just the way I am. I remember when paranormals and futuristics were as rare as a Susan B Anthony coin and now they’re like the pennies of publishing (I mean no disrespect), so I’ve held off on reading. Now while many readers have had their fill and are grumbling and dealing with upset reader tummies, I’m out buying them. Am I the only one doing this?
Larissa I lied….I just bought books a few weeks ago (and in January) and the majority were paranormals of some kind.

Let me see if I can scrap together a list. First up, the books I bought when Dennie and I hit Waldens which was actually early February I think?
KMM’s Darkfever

Noelle Mack’s Juicy

Colleen Gleason’s The Rest Falls Away

I Know I didn’t just buy three books.

Then there was the booksigning a few weeks ago…

Rosemary Clement Moore’s Prom Dates From Hell

Jim Butcher’s first Dresden book

and a book for a friend’s birthday, plus a book for the kid so that’s not so bad!

Then there was this week….which I am TOTALLY blaming on Jordan!

Jill Shalvis’s Smart and Sexy

Gennita Low’s The Protector

Michele Alberts Tough Enough

Vicki Pettersson’s The Scent of Shadows

Alyssa Day’s Atlantis Rising
Somebody stop me.

PS there’s a fabu post at Keishon’s about heroines.

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