Amie Stuart wants to Make U Sweat!

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Hey all,

This is Emma Petersen here. *waves* Nope, you didn’t click on the wrong blog address link. You have reached Amie Stuart’s blog. I’ve just taken it over for the next day or two. (Or five.) And no, I do not have Amie tied up somewhere. (Even though that’s a great idea. *Grin*)

Amie is away on an adventure to a magical place called Deadline Island. On this island, cabana boys serve you drinks and feed you chocolate. It’s awesome and a place we’d all like to visit. (Yeah right.)

So while Amie is away on her awesome, magical adventure we (me and you) are gonna have some fun! AND I’m gonna give away some of Amie’s books! Did she authorize this you ask? Well, define authorize. Is she aware I have hacked into her blog and am being naughty? Define aware, hacked and naughty.

Seriously. What is up with all the questions? There are free books involved people. FREE. BOOKS.

Now on to the good stuff. Tying up Amie. Oops. I so meant to say free stuff.  Amie’s book Make U Sweat, which is wicked awesome, comes out TODAY! It’s a heart warming tale about three kick ass girls and the three Texas bad boys that win their hearts. Is it heartwarming? Yes. Is it hot? Hell yeah! So what do you, the lovely reader, have to do to get your hot little hands on a copy?

1. Read the excerpt one here.

2. Fill out the contest form here.

3. Send Emma Petersen chocolate. (Okay, I guess I’ll make this one optional.)

And on to the sucky boring part. Yes, like everything in life there are rules.

1. You must be 18 and older to enter and/or win.

2. You must collect your prize within 10 days of prize announcement or prize is null & void.

3. Must answer contest question correctly in order to qualify for prize drawing.

So here’s the blurby type dealy.

When the Cavanaugh women inherit the family moving company, they figure they’re “man” enough for the job. They’ll show those bad boys of Texas just how good these three gals are at getting exactly what they want…

Reecie is a caretaker from the word go–she’s all business, whether it’s family or work. So she is more than ready to let easygoing Jack Saunders step in and take care of her in the most intimate way possible…

Robbie Jo loves a good time at work and in bed–until she meets rodeo rider Cash McBride and realizes she’s ready to settle down and ride one man long and hard…

Carla is tired of sweating for a living. But getting hot and bothered around real estate attorney Josh Winters puts her in the mood for some seriously steamy sex…

Sidenote: I’vte read this and it’s awesome. Awe.Some. (See it is possible make the word awesome into two words.)

So here’s the question. Jack & Reecie starting dancing to a TLC song but what song did they stay for?

Click here to read the excerpt. Click here to enter the contest. And click here to send Emma chocolates.

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11 thoughts on “Amie Stuart wants to Make U Sweat!

  1. hahahaha You freaking crack me up, girl! You rock. Nice post, and it’s awesome of you to take over blog posting. (assume you didn’t do something evil to do it.)

  2. I entered on her site, but not sure if it went through or not. It took me back to the excerpt page.

  3. @ Tami – It set it to go back to her excerpt page just in case anyone wanted to read the excerpt again. And again and again. 😀

    @ Amie- I lubs you too! And I is evol but you know you lubs it. 😀

    @ Raine- RAINE! *waves* Hey Raine! Yep. Totally hijackable. Ummm did that sound dirty? Maybe it was the jackable part. *slinks away too before someone calls me a perve*

  4. Hi Emma, Hi Amie! I had to laugh when I came to visit and read the post, LOL. I now so want some chocolate too! Once someone says the word, the crave happens. I start to sweat 🙂 This book is going to rock!!!

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