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Join us at Southern Fried Chicas today for Behind the Book with Julie Cohen. She’s talking about HIS FOR THE TAKING (under its original title, DRIVING HIM WILD) was shortlisted for the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s 2008 Romance Prize, for the year’s best category romances.

Ok now on to American Idle (yes I KNOW I spelled it wrong). Overall I have to agree with Simon–few of the performances were memorable or stood out–a sad disappointment after the promise of Hollywood Week.

Paula……my chicky dude, do you smoke CRACK? I don’t think you spoke one coherent sentence the entire night!

1. David H–dude, I love you. WTF happened? Okay I’ll cut you some slack because you had to go FIRST, but next time *shakes finger*
2. Chikezee –dude sorry for butchering your name. I actually liked the throwback 60’s vibe (and I’m not much of one for 60’s music)
3. David Cook–my bald mohawk dude, you totally brought your A game. I really liked the modern feel of your song.
4. Jason Yeager–my local dude, WTF? I totally agree with Simon. Sorry to see you go home so soon.
5. Robbie C–my forgettable dude, I don’t even remember what you looked like but my note here says “Okay” –that’s not good, dude.
6. David A–I so hart you dude. You are so cute and you had so much fun. Now, go buy yourself a bottle of poise and stop with the nervous giggle thing when you try to talk.
7. Danny N–dude, you remind me of the nephew from Ugly Betty and I like that about you–I like that you seem to know who you are, and you can stalk smack to Simon, but dude, that song was kinda frantic. I was disappointed because I’ve seen you do better.
8. Luke M–my bad dude. You were just bad and forgettable. I have to agree w/Simon on this one. Sorry to see you go so soon.
9. Colton–Yo dude, FWIW I totally didn’t agree w/Simon and I thought his performance was fun and he seemed to have a good time.
10. Garrett–my hairy dude…GET A HAIRCUT! You look like Leif Garrett not Peter Frampton. Frankly maybe you should have SUNG Peter Frampton (Do you feel like I do?? *sigh*). You look like you’re drowning and you were kind of forgettable.
11. Jason (Castro?)–my hairy semi-local dude…didn’t much care for the braids but you have such a gorgeous face and beautiful eyes! I thought you were cute and hip. Two thumbs up.
12. Michael–my Ausie dude…….you took the prize. *bows down*

Just to recap, I think Luke M and Jason Yeager are going home IMO.

Now, let’s see what the ladies can do tonight.

PS I actually wrote like 2 pages last night. I’ve written myself into a bit of a corner so it’s going to take some mulling.

6 thoughts on “AI Recap and SFC Guest Blogging

  1. And so another year gets under way! And while some of the talent sucks the big one, the person I find most annoying and wished they would get the boot is Paula! I’m serious. It’s past time for her to go. Could she be any more freakin’ annoying?

  2. yep pretty much what you said! i will say though on the “chart worthiness” sometimes they just have to get the folks to like them whether the song is Billboard material or not. It’s a gamble if you don’t hit it right, but for some of the not–Michael Johns you gotta get the crowd behind you ASAP!

  3. My money is totally on the Aussie dude. He has *IT*- charrissma, poise, star-quality, whatever you want to call *it*. Plus, of course talent up the ying yang when it comes to voice. I also agree with Simon on all the ‘meh’ performances.

    And LOL@Paula. WTF happened? She was fine during the preliminary tryouts, but once they got to Hollywood (and her dealer? heh) she was babbling like she was related Boomhauser (from King of the Hil).

  4. It’s amazing how I love to hate this show and it’s many versions. We get the Asian Idol up here in Singapore, must say the one thing worse than someone trashing a song is someone doing it in another language. LOL
    I’m pleased to hear there’s an Aussie in there.
    Amie honey you’re going to hate me but I tagged you. Now this is my first time so go easy on me. LOL Nothing better than show a virgin the ropes.
    Hope you’ve managed to get your busy life under control again.
    Love ya!

  5. Vanessa I wasn’t digging his dreads either but he’s got such a beautiful face! Look for an update on the chicks tomorrow! I’d post it now but for the time change and I’m tired.

    Rachel I HAVE! I got all those damned entries out last Thursday, had kids all weekend and guess what? ALL the entries came back because I gave them to the mailman at work instead of taking them INTO the post office so I spent an HOUR Saturday at the PO in HORRIBLE weather and we were late to #2’s b’ball game *sigh* I”m LOL@butchering in a foreign language. I can’t immagine. BTW your crit is done….look for it tomorrow love.

    PS I managed 10 pages today–as I told Shelli that’s two chapters for me 😀