Aaaaaahhh my arm for a quiz

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I’m bored and seriously tired…. gonna be a slow night. But like Sasha, I should be writing:

GOTHICS! – Deep, dark, mysterious and melodramatic.
You are drawn to write tales of the shadows and
what might lurk there. Could it be Love? Or
Madness? Anne Rice and Brahm Stoker are your

What Kind of Novel Should I Write?
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6 thoughts on “Aaaaaahhh my arm for a quiz

  1. 😕 WHAT????????

    HORROR! – Death, destruction, the evil in the heart of humanity… These are things you truly understand. You are haunted by the need to write horrific visions of terrible events and of terrible monsters, that we might see a glimpse of the demon within us all. Steven King and Mary Shelly of Frankenstein are your guides

  2. *waves at michelle* thanks for stopping by!
    Yes, I’m a quiz-ho…blame it on vanessa (jaq) 😆