A Sh*tdisturbance in the Force

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And I missed it all.

Luke he really is your father. And I find neither of these facts disturbing. Disturbing? I’ll show you disturbing. I get off work at 4:30 and have to pick up the kids and be at the Ortho by 4:45. Not going to happen. Then it’s basketball at 6:30. Then it’s basketball tomorrow night. Then it’s basketball pretty much all day Saturday. Then it’s basketball on Monday night. And I MUST write ten pages a day… Yes, that’s disturbing.
Dont Date Him Girl.com — This is disturbing because I didn’t think of it first. A website where you get to post pics and trash tal–er tell all about your skanky ex.

And even better…….Sugar Daddies .com AS SEEN ON DR. PHIL. That’s not disturbing….
For the record the doc is a dumbass. I was on IM with Missy who’s going, “Dr. Phil just asked the guys what they were thinking.” < -- that’s disturbing

Um er they were thinking, “I’m a rich cracker with money to blow, now blow me.”

It’s not rocket science Doc.

Hmmmmmmm I wonder if there’s any SD’s out there looking for a fat, grey-headed old woman with NO free time. I can dream. 😉

Will be scarce….

15 thoughts on “A Sh*tdisturbance in the Force

  1. I’d heard about the tell-all about the ex site before.

    As for the rest–lay low and do whatcha gotta do, dear.

  2. I think it was one of the morning radio shows that was talking about the tell-all site one day. Yeah, if I had one, I’d probably think seriously about it. :uzi:

    And I saw the Dr. Phil show too – what are the chances of two SD’s looking for fat grey haired women?8-)

  3. I totally thought about putting my ex on Don’t Date Him. It would have saved some poor woman. But I’m too darn nice.
    That’s funny about the Dr. Phil show. :memememe:

  4. I so love stopping by your blog before I take off for the day job. Too funny, Amie. I must check out those sites.

    Regarding warning others about your ex … I say, don’t bother. No one will listen. Let’s be honest here: Did you listen? If you’re like me, your friends/family/strangers warned you about your ex and you, with your lust-glazed … er, I mean, love-filled, eyes thought, “They’re wrong.” LOL

  5. Dennie LOL

    Bailey could we get so lucky?

    Silma i think it was more criticsm! LOL

    Tempest I’m not sure. Usually I plan on doing everything Saturday so i have Sunday to write.

    Shelli I”m not that nice.

    Marty see Rachelle’s answer….she’s right. Sadly but I tell you, I sure wish someone had said it. :crazy: