6 Sentence Sunday

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#SixSentenceSunday blog post (from something I love):
And in that moment as I took in my mother’s red-rimmed eyes and lopsided hairdo through the smoky haze, I realized the horrible ugly truth. Those magic moments, those milestones that we so eagerly waited for, prayed for, woke up and greeted with open arms thinking how profoundly different our lives would be from that moment on didn’t mean Jack damn squat.

It wasn’t in the stupid birthdays, or the boyfriends, the engagements, the weddings, or even the birth of a child that we would find those profound changes we looked so forward to. It was in…the other things. The ugly, dark shocking things that we held to us and hid, always fearful others would find out. The Pandora’s box of horrible misguided choices made and deeds done in the name of what was good and what was right.

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