20 years ago

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20 years ago………

I was sixteen. I moved three times that school year, and somehow in all of it the Challenger explosion got lost–at least for me. Hey I was 16! And at that age I don’t think the news had a huge impact on me. Funny enough that was also the year of Cherynoble and Hands Across America.

10 years ago………

I was 26. My second child was 8 months old by then and one month after my birthday I’d walk out on my ex husband with two kids in diapers. Little did I know that while I was getting a divorce, some idiot was inventing the first Pokemon! :uzi:

It would take me a year to get a divorce and in that time my ex husband would pay me 100.00 in child support. I was on welfare and it would be another 16 months before the Atty General tracked him down and made him pay with anything resembling regularity. For my 27th birthday I got a divorce (officially) and a tattoo (the first). I started smoking again and put myself back on anti-depressants.

5 years ago……

2001 started out with a bang and never got any better. I lost someone I loved (he walked) and five days later lost my mother. Both of my bosses kid’s got married that year while I dumped the last in a succession of bad boyfriends, swearing I’d never date again until I learned to stop picking losers. That’s right it’s been five years since I went on a date.

Somwhere in all of that I also spent about six years as a volunteer adoption searcher and adoptees rights activist. Burnout and the loss of my mom forced me to quit. I couldn’t take so much pain and suffering…and then there was 9/11. I remember dropping the kids off at school, turning up the radio and the DJ’s saying someone had crashed into one of the towers of the World Trade Center. At that point, they still didn’t know it had been deliberate.

Dale Earnhart died, Andrea Yates drowned her children, Timothy McVeigh was executed and the war on terrorism began.

1 Year Ago………

Funny enough, just like Sunny, I fired my agent. It was a year in Feburary–the same month I sold to Kensington. There’s a word for that but it escapes me. I also bought my first house, moved and well, didn’t do a whole lot of writing but did do a whole lot of painting! I also sold two books to LSB 🙂

1 Month Ago………

I signed with a new agent (who is the next best thing to Coldstone Creamery’s Cake Batter Ice Cream TYVM), and was working on finishing up Blue Collar Chicks.


I finished the muse novella and made the kids clean their rooms. We had meatloaf for dinner–how exciting I know!


I’m going outside with my new electric hedge trimmers and attacking the holly! :fly:

In the next minute………

I’m gonna tag Trace, Raine, Jaye, Sandy (to quote Sunny, payback’s a bitch) and Dennie (and take a nap)

7 thoughts on “20 years ago

  1. Dumbass me hasn’t watched tv in so long that I thought “Flight 93” was a theater movie -well, I watched it with The Kid’s Girlfried, aka my new DD – it was done well. Very engrossing. A last fuck you to terrorists in my book – and we loved it that the flight was again United…think about that. Anyway, I watched – I survived.

    And I love your meme here. God, we’re getting old if we can remember this much – lol. :wth: I meant me, of course, not you. 😛

  2. I’m gonna tag Trace, Raine, Jaye, Sandy (to quote Sunny, payback’s a bitch) and Dennie

    You sux. You know thinking hurts my head and I’ve workd so hard on that self-inflicted amnesia!

  3. Sunny the link I posted says it’s in theaters!

    Thanks Dennie

    Sorry Jaye!

    I actually used wikipedia because well, while I knew things had happened, I couldn’t remember when!

    Raine…it keeps me humble. I even remember the name of my last case worker at the food stamp office because, ya know, she was such a bitch! :die:

  4. Wow! You really have my admiration now. You rock, Cece, you really do!

    Will do my penance tomorrow! 😛 Have to think about it first. I am worried I can’t think back that far, LOL!